1. K

    Reflection angle help please!

    Could someone tell me what angle I need to place the mirror at to get the reflection at the angle show? Thank you!
  2. B

    Color fringes on heated plate

    I've recently noticed that the ceramic plates I have home show an interesting light pattern whenever light is reflected on a slightly heated area of them. The setup is the following: a ceramic plate, a lightbulb a meter above it, and any means of heating such as blowing hot air or putting hot...
  3. U

    QED “All-Path integral approach” for Mirror Reflection

    Hi folks! For mirror reflection I have been puzzled by QED “All-Path integral approach” argument. I appreciate if you examine my article and let me know where I have made my mistakes that my reasoning rejects this QED argument. Let us make an observation; if we turn off the pumps of a fish...
  4. B

    Layer thickness reflection

    Hi, For my exam-preparation I want to solve this question: Three layers of material, with n1<n2<n3. Light enters layer 1 perpendicular to the surface. What should be the layer thickness of layer 2 to obtain reduced reflection (reflected wave at interface 12 is cancelled out by the...
  5. K

    special relativity and a reflection paradox

    The law of reflection as stated on farside is: Now, before getting to my question, suppose I use a non relativistic example first. If I have a spherical mirror and have a light source "dead centre" of the mirror then any light rays hit the mirror at perpendicular angle to the surface of the...
  6. D

    Reflection and polarization

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could lend me a hand interpreting this problem text: "A linearly polarized laser beam in air hits a glass surface (n=151) at an angle equal to the Brewster angle and is reflected towards a Polaroid, that is tilted 30 from the lasers oscillating electric field."...
  7. K

    reflection and refraction

    Hi! So this is a question from reflection and refraction, and I have to find angle deta
  8. B

    Standing Waves and Reflection on a guitar string

    I'm intending on giving a talk on the physics of music, but I'm confused about some of the concepts being presented. I'm wondering if someone can clarify. I'm wondering about the relationship between resonance, standing waves, and reflection on a guitar string. Resonance alludes to a...
  9. J

    Reflection Problem When Diving

    "At what angle to the surface must a submerged diver in a lake look toward the surface to see the setting sun just along the horizon?" So once the angle of incidence hits the water, it gets refracted down forming a smaller angle than the angle of incidence. But is there a formula you can use to...
  10. J

    Reflection Problem

    "A person lying at poolside looks over the edge of the pool and sees a bottle cap on the bottom, directly below. If the depth of the pool is 3.2 m, how far below the water surface does the bottle cap appear to be?" What formula should you use for this problem? Is it a reflection problem?
  11. H

    Change of phase in total internal reflection

    I would like to know if there is a change of phase during total internal reflection. (In particular I would like to know if I can cover copper with several microns of glass and have it reflect 200MHz EM waves coming from water (epsilon(H2O)=80, epsilon(glass)=4)).
  12. B

    reflection law from eikonal equation

    I'm reading Born & Wolf Principles of Optics. I can't understand the deduction of the reflection law (incidence angle = reflected angle) from the eikonal that is done in 3.2.2,pg.124. If someone has read it, or has it at hand, please, I need help on this one.
  13. G

    Question on Ultrsound and a question onreflected light

    1.A lead pellet buried 50mm in flesh is detected, using pulses of ultrasound (f = 2 MHz ) that travel at 1500 ms in flesh. What is the wavelength of the ultrasound and how long will it take for a pulse to reflect? 2. Astronomers have found that the same light reflected from Saturn (61 6nm...
  14. V

    Reflection and Refraction

    A vertical pole 2m long will fund a pool to a point 50cm above the water level. Sunlight deals with an angle of 55° above horizon. What is the size of the shadow of the stake in the pool?
  15. Q

    Optics - Reflection Help!

    An object located in front of a concave mirror with a radius of curvature of 80 cm produced an inverted image that is three times the size of the object. What is the object distance? 1/f = 1/do + 1/di hi/ho = -di/do those are the 2 formulas we are given where: f = focal point do = distance...
  16. M

    Proof of total internal reflection

    I have to prove that when a ray in the air (n=1) is penetrating in a long solid where n=1.5, there will always be a total internal reflection no matter what the orientation of the ray incident is. First, I believe by "orientation" they mean the angle, correct me if it could be something else...
  17. abhishek arora


    in the diagram shown below, the child standing close to the mirror wants to see his and his father's image in the mirror find out the minimum length of the mirror required for the purpose if the height of child is h2 and of his father is h1 and they are present at distance x2 and x1...
  18. A

    Total internal reflection

    Show that total internal reflection occurs for light entering normally one face of an isosceles right-angle prism of glass of n=1.5 but not in the case when light enters similarly a similar thin hollow prism filled with water of n=1.33. n is the refractive index. I can show that total internal...
  19. N

    help on mirrors and reflection

    Hey everyone im new at this s here goes: I have these questions that i have to hand in and ill be honest i cant make heads or tails of them. If anyone could help id really aprreciate as im tied up a little between college and work. i had to translate them form spanish to english so bare with...