1. kelsiu

    Reflected wave from free end

    A wave pulse on a string moving from left to right towards a free end will reflect and propagates from right to left with the same speed and amplitude as the incident wave, and with the same polarity. My question is, why the slope and the vertical force must be zero at the free end? If the...
  2. L

    Apparent frequency of reflected wave

    A police car P with its siren on is chasing car T . The frequency of the siren is 1000hz. The speed of police car P is 30m/s . and the speed of car T is 40m/s . What's the apparent frequency of the siren heard by driver T > the ans is 967hz . I managed to get the ans for this. But i didnt...
  3. Y

    How to proof the reflected wave of a Plane Wave is a Plane Wave?

    I have been looking around, I have not manage to find the reflected wave due to a Plane Wave hitting a flat boundary ( say xy plane) is a Plane Wave also. For example, in the case of normal incidence where , the book just gives . I am trying to proof the reflected E wave in normal incidence is...
  4. R

    Find the reflected and transmitted electric and magnetic field & power in these waves

    Consider a wave in free-space, falling normally upon a large block of dielectric material with relative permittivity. Find the reflected and transmitted electric and magnetic field as well as the power in these waves. Find the coefficients Γ and τ When ε2/ε1 = 4 and η1/η2 =2
  5. L

    Reflected light and color

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place as it's not quite a technical question, but I hope you guys can help me. I have a question about a certain situation involving reflection of light and how it effects color, and it requires somewhat of an 'artistic' eye. I had a little debate about...