1. M

    Trouble understanding frames of reference

    I am having trouble grasping why time for a spaceship leaving earth at near the speed of light passes more slowly than time on earth, rather than the other way around. I understand special relativity well enough to know that there is no absolute frame of reference and that, from the spaceship’s...
  2. J

    Problem with different reference frames - special relativity

    I have the following conditions: A plane with length L in its own rest frame moves with constant velocity with respect to the inertial system S. The inertial system of the plane is called S'. Two flight attendants A and B start simultaneously from the middle of the plane and move with constant...
  3. topsquark

    Reference frames

    This is a message I got from TemporalMechanic:
  4. avito009

    New definition of a non inertial frame of reference.

    The present definitions of non inertial frame of reference are vague. Some would define it to mean that a non inertial reference frame is one which does not obey newtons first law. But we can define a non inertial frame of reference in this way. "A non inertial reference frame would be one...
  5. avito009

    Accelerating frame of reference.

    An inertial frame of reference is one which satisfies newtons first law. Suppose I throw a ball it moves because there is a force acting on the ball. Now non inertial reference frame would be one in which you are in a bus and the bus moves forward or accelerates due to this you are pushed...
  6. avito009

    Force acting in a non inertial frame of reference.

    A non-inertial frame of reference does not have a constant velocity. It is accelerating. Lets take an example of a non inertial frame of reference or an accelerating frame of reference. Lets say the frame is traveling in a straight line, but speeding up or slowing down. Lets say a ball is...
  7. V

    Step response and peak response of a transfer function Reference https://www.physic

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data The open loop transfer function to a unity negative feedback system is given as: G(s)=50/s(s+10) 2. Relevant equations Unity feedback is used in this problem, and the system input is a step function. Y(s)=50/s(s^2+10s+50) 3. The...
  8. H

    The proof that the absolute reference frame does exist.

    Let’s think about a logical example: When somebody ask you how many people (whom you know) love you, you will easily be confused. But if you were asked how many of them you love, it will be much easier for you to answer. This example implies a physical aspect: we can not count how many...
  9. P

    Help with frame of reference question

    A superball of mass M and a much lighter superball of mass m are dropped together vertically, with the light ball directly above the heavy ball, but not in contact. Show that the lighter ball will fly just over 8 times the height from which it was dropped. I know that I need to use momentum...
  10. M

    Relativity - laboratory reference frame

    Hi everyone, I'm new in here and I need some help to figure out this problem. A cosmic ray travels at a velocity v = 0.999c. The estimated life span in it's own frame reference is T = 1,22 * 10^-6 s Using the laboratory reference frame, how can I calculate the the average life span of the...
  11. A

    Frame of reference

    I'm having trouble deciding on which laws to use to calculate the final velocity. Where: s = swimmer w = water b = beach(ground) sVw = 4m/s [N] wVb = 2m/s[E 25 S] I tried using sVb^2 = sVw^2 + wVb^2 - 2(sVw)(wVb)cos(65) giving me 3.64 m/s. I don't think this is right, but it's the closest...
  12. M

    Simple reference frame problem

    You are on an airplane traveling due east at 100 m/s with respect to the air. The air is moving with a speed 35 m/s with respect to the ground at an angle of 30° west of due north. What is the speed of the plane with respect to the ground? __________ So here's what Im doing: Drew the...
  13. R

    calculating the velocity of a reference frame

    OK this question has me stumped ...again well if you have two reference frames S & S' with dimensions x, y, z, t & x', y', z', t' respectively if you know the values of just x & t' is it even possible to calculate the velocity of the reference frame S' from the perspective of S? i tried...
  14. G

    Fictious forces: brain teaser

    Ok so I read that the laws of classical mechanics hold in every inertial reference frame, that is, a system of coordinates that has constant velocity and direction. This is named the principle of relativity (not Einstein's). In order to understand this, I tried to think of a counter example...
  15. H

    Inertial Frame of Reference

    What is inertial frame of reference? Please HELP! its urgent
  16. C

    reference frame difficulty

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data This is a basic question to a kind of complex problem, any help will be deeply appreciatted. I have all the motion equations for the system described below, but i have a problem with the reference frames... So the problem is as...
  17. E

    "preferred" inertial reference frame

    When I say "preferred" inertial reference frame I understand: 1. One of the infinite inertial reference frames all having the same physical properties, 2. Oe of the infinite inertial reference frames having special properties. Is there a difference between the two statements? Thanks(Bow)
  18. E

    inertial reference frame

    Please tell me which criteria should we use in order to find out if a reference frame is inertial or not.