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    Support reactions for a beam at an incline

    img: Hello I have a problem with calculating the support reactions for a beam. Lefts side of beam has a pin connection so it takes both Fx, Fy. Right side of the beam has a horizontal roller and it takes only Fy in the direction of the wall. Therefore at the pin...
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    Support reactions

    Hello, I have had the following question: Determine the two support reactions at positions ‘A’ and ‘B’ for the following simply supported beam which is acted on by a uniformly distributed load (UDL) and two point loads. UDL = 1.2K/n 6Kn...
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    what are the reactions?

    So there is an assignment for this week that goes as follows: Draw a free body diagram of a person standing on a beach carrying a bag in their right hand. The free body diagram should include the forces listed below. Identify the reaction force for each and draw arrows depicting the action and...
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    Reactions of the beam

    Can anyone help me with this problem? Here is my effort. W2 = 1/2 bh = 400(12)/2 =2400lb My question is, how will I solve for the location of the W2? Thanks in advance.. ^_^
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    About electricity and reactions

    Very very urgent please help me... A small ball with mass =0,4g charged with electricity= coulomb is united with the edge of a silk rope with length=8cm. The other edge of the rope is on a big insulating material with concentration of the electric energy: . Find the angle between the rope and...