1. TyrannosaurusWreck

    Ray Tracing

    I have to draw a ray diagram to determine the image formed by an object placed in front of the center of curvature of a convex mirror, but I haven't been able to get the right answer so far and I have my physics final coming up soon.....if someone could just point me in the right direction...
  2. B

    Draw the ray diagram of the spherical fish bowl

    Well I'm stuck with the question 4a) here. Maybe someone can tell me how to draw the ray diagram and the reason for it. I'm happy for any help :)
  3. S

    Ray Optics

    What is Huygen s' Principal?
  4. N

    Can combining invisible EM waves, together as a single intertwined ray, make the beam

    Can combining invisible EM waves, together as a single intertwined ray, make the beams become EM waves that get absorbed by electrons, and? - change from waves that traverse solid matter. Like if you mixed radio, X-rays, and gamma waves together, would they become waves that get absorbed by...
  5. B

    another difficult ray diagram to solve..pls help

    hi..please help me with this question from my homework..totally dont understand how to draw. thanks!!!
  6. B

    homework help for ray diagram please!

    can anyone help me solve this ray diagram as attached? thanks!!
  7. L

    Path differenece of light ray to produce first minima

    for part a , in order to produce first minima from the central bright ray , the path differenece between 2 ray should be equal to λ/2 or 180 degree am i right? why the notes give the path differenece = λ ...If path differenece = λ , the two light ray are in phase right? how can destructive...
  8. L

    Inteference of light ray in thin flim

    Inteference of light ray in thin flim according to the notes in the photo, the light ray undergo of phase change of 0.5 λ when it strike and reflected from glass surface (denser) at point A . so the OPD of ray 1 &2 = 2nt-0.5λ.. but my another book (same condition as above) , give the OPD of...
  9. M


    Dear mates: During ionization with radiant energy there is a photon emission (see http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/mod3.html). I know photon emission occurs by a decay of radiant energy from a excited state and what is confusing to me (I can't find a logical conection) is that the...
  10. T

    ray ban ndnm

    Liu Gongzai, Oakley sunglasses uk I heard this crystal fish taste very delicious delicacies floor, has long wanted to try, and sunglasses sale sunglasses sale see things on the table, or eat it, to be honest, before coming to this city for a long period of time gaoyi, sunglasses sale have not...
  11. R

    Cosmic ray proton

    I'm not really sure if this problem belongs in this forum. It is from Tipler chapter 3 on Quantization of Charge, Light, and Energy. Problem 4: A cosmic ray proton approaches Earth vertically at the equator, where the horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field is 3.5 X 10^-5 T. If the...
  12. W

    CRO Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

    What is the function of "trigger"? When I change the trigger level, the starting position of waveform shifts upward and downward, when greater extent is turned, it seems lots of waveforms appear moving, can anyone explain to me why?(Headbang) Also there are modes like TV mode, Norm mode...