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    Orifice water flow rates

    Hello I have a problem that hopefully someone can help me with. I need to work out the detention time of a pond as it drains from a snorkel. The problem is I have multiple draining holes in the snorkel at different heights which will obviously have different flow rates as water level changes...
  2. K

    quantum wink in/out rates

    Has anyone measured the rate that matter winks in and out of existence per unit volume per mass? How fast is quantum fluctuations producing and destroying particles?
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    Need help with water flow rates

    From a reservoir we have an irrigation line that is about 25 feet below the surface water. The pipe is 12" in diameter and runs 3000 feet to a 10" diameter pipe that runs another 1370 feet to the outlet. The elevation drop from the origin of the pipe to the 10" pipe is about 35 feet. From the...
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    Flow rates and mass flow rates.

    Hi everyone, First off, hello and I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm doing an apprenticeship in engineering at the minute as a machinist. The course I'm studying at college has a mechanical principle unit. I understand 75% of the things taught but things get pear shaped when...
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    Related rates, pressure loss

    A container with volume V contains air at standard atmospheric pressure and is surrounded by a vacuum. A small circular hole of area A is punched in the container. Estimate the pressure loss as a function of time. Basically, as far as I can see, this is a fairly basic related rates problem...
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    finding rates in motion

    two buses started @ the same depot and @ the same time and traveled in opposite directions. After 4 hours they were 480 miles apart.The rate of the fast bus was 10 mph faster than the slow bus. find the rate of each bus. ^what do i do?