1. avito009

    Radio waves are nothing but light

    Is radio wave invisible light? I read that a radio wave is an electromagnetic wave like light. So what is the difference between radio wave and visible light? I also read that radiowaves travel at the speed of light.
  2. N

    Can EM waves like radio waves that can traverse solid matter, be combined/mixed with

    Can EM waves like radio waves that can traverse solid matter, be combined/mixed with other EM waves to become EM waves that get absorbed by? - electrons. Also can EM waves that traverse, if certain EM waves are mixed together, say three em waves combined into a single beam, as the EM waves...
  3. O

    Which arrangement gets the strong signals from radio stations?

    Referring to following linked image, there are 2 radio stations (Transmission tower) for boardcasting radio frequency. If ignorning any local disturbances of the field, I would like to know which arrangement of radio stations provide the strongest or weakest signals for my receiver. Radio...
  4. A

    Radio receiver circuit

    The frequency of an audio modulating signal is 5kHz. WHat are the minimum possible bandwidths of (a) the r.f. amplifier (b) the a.f. amplifier This question is for a receiver circuit in radio transmissions. aerial--tuning circuit--r.f. amplifier--detector--a.f. amplifier--power...
  5. A

    Microwave and radio wave propagation

    Long distance intercontinental telecommunications may use free-space electromagnetic wave propagation linking ground station to ground station. Use a diagram to show how this is achieved for: (a) microwaves (b) radio waves. (Apparatus details are not required). My question is how is it...
  6. H

    Radio Waves

    OK another yummy one: FM radio waves from a distant tower pass through a relatively small gap (width b) between two very large buildings that are opaque to radio waves. (assume that the radio waves are plane-waves by the time they reach the gap, and their direction of travel is exactly...