1. L

    How to solve this question

    A football player kicks for a field goal 30.91m from the posts. The ball is kicked with a speed of 18.6 m/s at an angle of 45 degrees above horizontal a) how long will it take the ball reaches the posts b) how high will it be when it goes through the posts c) What is the magnitude of the...
  2. T

    Compressed air system question

    When dealing with a compressed air system I would like to know how to make some calculations to predict pressure and flow rate throughout a system. e.g. If I have a compressor that can supply 50 cfm @ 100 psi at the source, and the air flows through a system of pipes, filters, turns, etc...
  3. R

    Question about relationship between Acceleration and Electric Potential

    Hi everyone. Im a Engineering student and i having doubts about this question: "What is the acceleration vector a(x,y,z) of a particle of mass m0 and charge q0 when there is a Potential vector V(x,y,z) = c0 x3 c1 + x-5 y5 z4 where 'c0' and 'c1' are constants." Well I started with the...
  4. O

    Dynamics Question

    Hi everyone. I really need help with this problem. I'm not sure if I'm getting the right answer (don't have the answer). Just need to know if my setup is right. Also, do I need to just solve for (ax)? Would that be the only answer I need? Here is the question: An object of mass 15 kg moves...
  5. A

    Static question help

    The tension in the rope is 150 KN. Calculate the force and momentum at Point E.
  6. D

    Hi :) new here, to ask an angular velocity question

    Well, hello everyone. I will be honest. I basically registered here, to get a question answered which is bothering me a lot lately. Would be really nice if someone could help me a little. So lets cut right to the case :) Assuming you have an aircraft with a propellor on each wing. And...
  7. S

    Question about zooming out with lens

    Hey guys, I need some help. I am working on a project and I am wondering if it is possible to make an object to look 100 times far away than it is actually using lens (or more than one lens). The lens (or lenses) should be near the object, not near the eye. For example if we have lens in front...
  8. A

    general uniform acceleration question

    If an object is in uniform circular motion, can it be assumed that there will be no net force in the vertical direction (aka no net forces for the y component)?
  9. Z

    Carnot engine question help

    I've been stuck on this question for a long time ; here is what i have tried so far: In a well-insulated refrigeration unit, a Carnot engine using an ideal gas is driven by a 1KW electric motor (80% efficient) to freeze water. Assuming that the temperature of the thermal sink is 20 °C...
  10. D

    Kinematics IB question, explanation needed

    Could someone please explain (c) and (d) in the question below and attachment. When I tried, I got 735 N, but that isn't the right answer. Thanks in advance for the help. 51 The diagram shows a person in an elevator pulling on a rope that goes over a pulley and is attached to the top of...
  11. I

    I can not solve this quantum harmonic oscillator question in Cohen's book

    If anyone can help me, I'm very grateful.
  12. P

    Frauchiger & Renner / newby question

    I am trying to understand Frauchiger & Renner's (2018) paper but it's been thirty years since I studies quantum physics at college. There's one step I just can't get. Fbar gets tails, and Wbar gets the result OK. Why? Wbar is measuring the state of Fbar's lab against a basis that is...
  13. B

    Electricity Circuit Question

    /Users/student/Downloads/IMG20190501213916.jpg Hi, I was just wondering how we would do one of these styled questions for certain aspects that we are looking for. I have attached a picture of a diagram of a circuit as well as the things that need to be found from it. If someone can break...
  14. A

    Relative velocity and accel. question? Can't figure out what velocity The question in question is number 2. The velocity must be 2, right? How would I go about getting a different number? The time for the phone to get to the edge is 10 seconds, so that means they have to get there in 10 seconds, too. If they were to start...
  15. A

    GCSE truck magnetism question

    Hello, I have just completed a past paper and I am not sure the answer to this question - I originally thought it was a, but it turned out to be d. Why is this? Thanks, Archie.
  16. neila9876

    Question about charged circular dish-an old topic

    A circular dish is charged with an iron rod in the center. When the dish rotates, someone on the ground considers that there is current and generates magnetism and the iron rod becomes a magnet; while someone else standing on the dish considers that there is no current and no magnetism generated...
  17. I

    Thermal Equilibrium Question

    2kg of ice is at -10°C is mixed with 15kg of water at 25°C. What is the final temp when equilibrium is achieved. Q = Energy M = mass c = Heat capacity ∆T = Change in temperature W = Water I = Ice Heat capacity for water is 4200 J/Kg Heat capacity for Ice is 2100 J/Kg Well, i approached...
  18. J

    help: question on adiabatic index relationship

    hello, can anyone answer this please? - explain the relationship between the adiabatic index of a perfect gas, the specific heats at a constant pressure and volume and the specific gas constant of the gas
  19. A

    How to solve this throwing ball off cliff question

    Dear all, For b) I was curious why i couldn't use s = ut + 0.5at^2 as my equation as i had all the necessary known values.. instead to get the correct answer i had to use v=u + at why is this so. Thank you for your time Picture of Problem:
  20. A

    How to solve this tension question?

    Dear all, I am trying to figure out why the answer is T>W... do you have any idea why, if so could you please explain. Thank you. Picture of Problem: