1. S

    GR deals with what is Real.

    Somewhere around 1 x 10-18g in a vacuum is a new constant. The diffraction gets too small to identify fringes. It's a natural size for the object to be physical and to never be in superposition. Uncollapsed(stateless | unphysical | virtual) Quantum Waves + State(Matter Field or wave collapse...
  2. C

    Quantum entanglement energy

    Hi all I’m an average guy with a question. If you can split a particle separate them by any distance, apply a force to one and the other will behave in the same manner, why aren’t we sending one half into space exploding it in a nuclear blasts and have clean energy from the remaining half on...
  3. S

    Unobserved(stateless/unphysical) Quantum Waves + State (physicality) = Spacetime (GR)

    Unobserved waves are unphysical, but ones with state change experience duality and get spacetime involved. Observation doesn't always mean Quantum Observation. What matters is if a state change happens. State is a binary physicality variable. I'm now questioning if it's even necessary to declare...
  4. I

    I can not solve this quantum harmonic oscillator question in Cohen's book

    If anyone can help me, I'm very grateful.
  5. M

    Quantum Physics - Eisberg

    Why is it that even for incident radiation that is monochromatic, photoelectrons are emitted with a spread of velocities?
  6. D

    Electrons in Quantum Field Theory

    Electrons in quantum field theory are an expanded field. They have infinite lengths. How does electron transfer in an triboelectricity or chemical process, how does the principle of the exclusion of Paul's work, which says that fermions can not occupy the same place?
  7. L

    Quantum fields

    You have stated that quantum field exists in all of free space but how is that possible since these are quantums that have a discrete structure; therefore, in the spaces between the particles (quantum) it would be empty which cannot be depicted as existing in all of free space. Also, you made a...
  8. J

    Library of Babel quantum state

    Hello! If the Library of Babel has 10^(2,000,000) books, does anyone think that it is possible to create a quantum state (with a quantum computer) that represents this Library? I think that in a classical way it is impossible, but in a quantum way? I find it quite interesting! What about...
  9. L

    Quantum mechanics atomic orbitals

    Are the atomic orbitals for real??? § 20. Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is based on Planck's blackbody derivation of the energy element (hγ) but Planck uses the kinetic energies of the blackbody surface electrons in the derivation of the energy element (e = hγ) since...
  10. P

    Widespread misinterpretation of quantum mechanics

    In these past years I came to learn of a widespread misinterpretation of quantum mechanics. This misinterpretation is not merely by amateurs and students but by professional physicists as well. The misinterpretation is that a particle, such as an electron or photon, can be in two places at...
  11. K

    MIT 8.04 Quantum Physics Problem

    I've decided to work through the assignments on https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/8-04-quantum-physics-i-spring-2013/ where they have problems and posted solutions. Of course I am not enrolled in any course, just doing this for my own edification. I am looking at: At the moment I am...
  12. P

    What is a measurement in quantum mechanics?

    I'm sure that all of you have heard of Schrodinger's cat thought experiment, right? How many of you know the purpose of it? I ask because I thought it was clear but this journalist doesn't appear to get it. See: Schrödinger?s Cat explained - Telegraph If you read the entire page you'll see...
  13. D

    Does this theorem falsify macrorealism?

    Good evening! Recently I have found this article: https://arxiv.org/abs/1610.00022 It tells about a no-go theorem which is considered to rule out several forms of macrorealism. The description of the theorem is on the page 9. As authors say, it implies contradiction between macrorealism...
  14. J

    Discrete measurement operator quantum measurement theory

    Consider the Gaussian position measurement operators $$\hat{A}_y = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\frac{e^{-(x-y)^{2}/(4V)}}{(2 \pi V)^{1/4}}|x \rangle \langle x|dx$$ where |x \rangle are position eigenstates. Does anyone know how it can be shown that the required completion relation is satisfied...
  15. G

    Understanding Quantum Entanglement

    I often read articles on Wikipedia or Scientific America etc on topics related to Quantum physics. In particular, they talk about spooky action at a distance and paradoxes. Please forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand what the paradox is, and I'm hoping someone can explain it to me...
  16. C

    Quantum Cosmology.

    1)How can we account for the enthropy of the universe during the early universe? 2)what energy field was at work during the recombination of fundamental particles during the early universe? 3)what is the entropy of the universe before the big bang? 4)what is the energy structure of space-time?
  17. S

    [advice for a book]: QED applications in quantum optics

    I am a Physicist with a good knowledge of Classical Quantum Mechanics and its applications on Material Physics, Molecular Physics and Atomic Physics. In my undergraduates, I did also some studies about Dirac equation, but I didn't engage myself on things like the Standard Model and Particle...
  18. E

    Holographic universe/simulation (Aspect and other article about quantum holography)

    Hello everyone, my main question is, do these 2 studies/ articles provide substantial proof that we live in a hologram or simulation? Here is the first article title "The Universe as a Hologram": Holographic Universe The main gist of it says "In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the...
  19. Instantonly

    General Quantum Unity through Isoscelation of a Photon

    On the thread "General Quantum Unity", I posted a set of functions I believe will unify general relativity and quantum physics and diminish, if not exclude, the uncertainty principal. I have given myself time to consider this further and still arrive at the same conclusion and will seek to...
  20. pittsburghjoe

    Ghost Dimension (Energy, Waves, Superposition, Hidden Variables)

    The dimension of supernatural. (I am not crazy, let me explain.) It's the side QM refuses to talk about. They believe in wave-particle duality, but refuse to accept that the physical particle is only a hidden variable when in wave form. Even when confronted with quantum tunneling that...