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    Use Conservation of energy to solve projectile motion

    Hello, I’m working on this homework problem and am having trouble finding a way to explicitly solve for initial velocity. I got a hint from my professor that the final point should be at the top of the parabola, but I may have misunderstood him. We solved this using kinematics when we were on...
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    Projectile Motion Problem with no Velocity given

    Problem is Linked with a graphic I drew. Thanks!
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    Projectile motion: Missile over a hill

    A missile is to be launched from a point P, 500m from the peak of a hill of height 2000m into enemy territory. If the missile is to just pass over the hill and strike a target 1200m from P, what is the velocity at which the missile should be launched, and the angle of launch?
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    Horizontal projectile motino

    An arrow is shot into the air at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal, and the arrow has an initial speed of 200m/s. If the ground is level, how far did the arrow travel horizontally? How high did the arrow get on its flight?
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    Find initial velocity of projectile

    ballistic pendulum initially at rest. projectile with mass m=10g hits object M=2kg and remains stuck and it goes up to height h=20cm. no air friction. im foreign and i tried to translate it i hope it s clear, i'm in ninth grade and i guess i didnt really understand the theory. i tried to solve...
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    Projectile Motion - Hitting a Sloped Wall

    Question: In the figure, a ball is launched with a velocity of magnitude 7.00 m/s, at an angle of 43.0° to the horizontal. The launch point is at the base of a ramp of horizontal length d1 = 6.00 m and height d2 = 3.60 m. A plateau is located at the top of the ramp. (a) Does the ball land on...
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    Projectile motion help

    How does changing the vertical displacement of a projectile affect its range and time of flight
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    Trajectory of projectile that clears obstruction

    My problem is I need to solve for the minimum Vx and minimum Vy so that the projectile clears the gray wall and still hits its mark defined by (x1 + x2). This would be the red trajectory line. I am aware of how to solve the blue trajectory line. The blue line exists in this diagram only to...
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    Projectile Motion Derivation

    Problem When a ball reaches its maximum height, its speed is one-fourth the speed with which it was thrown. What was the launch angle? Concepts that I understand I understand that at the maximum height, the velocity of the ball only has a component in the x-direction, and I've made the...
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    Projectile motion

    Hello! I'm a physics student and i have a problem i can't solve. I was wondering if there is anyone here who would be willing to help me solve this? A projectile is launched at an angle to the horizontal and rises upwards to a peak while moving horizontally. What is the angle of maximum...
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    Projectile Motion Problem for Beginner Physics Student

    I have a problem I can't solve. A stone is thrown from a building 45.0m high at an angle of 30 degree below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 57.0m away. A. What is the time of flight? B. What is the initial speed? C. What is the speed and angle of the velocity vector with respect to the...
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    Two Dimensional Projectile Question

    Recently I took on a problem that I was encountering within my robotics team, and it is certainly proving to be over my head. The question revolves around finding an initial launch angle using nothing but initial velocity, total distance, and final height. Also, I need the projectile to hit...
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    My Vectors and Projectile home work

    Lab 4 Projectile Motion - Physics 11 Hello Im woking oiin my lab for school and Im having alot of trouble (compare your predicted ranges to the average mesured ranges). So we shot steel ballls off of our desks in class using a bolt with 4 diffrent power settings and calculating inital...
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    Projectile Motion Question (help needed)

    Here's the question: You can throw a stone to a max height h. What is the maximum horizontal distance over level ground you can throw the stone? it leaves your hand at 1.5m above ground. I know how to do this question without the 1.5m (My book has a lovely example problem) with the 1.5m...
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    Projectile motion problem

    A 5kg object sits at the top of a hemispherical dome (no friction) with a diameter of 96m. A breeze causes the object to start sliding down the dome. a. Using the object as a projectile, find the hang time b. Find the horizontal component of the velocity of the projectile c. Find the...
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    Projectile motion question?

    An arrow is shot upward at a 30 degree angle compared to horizontal in order to hit a target that is 100 meters away. What was the initials peed of the arrow if it hits the center of the target? This is the hardest question on my sheet, can you please walk me through how to do it?
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    Seeking help with projectile kinematics.

    Hello all! I'm new here. I have a sort of dilemma; say you're given point A {x1,y1} and point B {x2,y2} and the acceleration down due to gravity, how do you first compute the angle a projectile should be launched at and then the force at which to launch it to get it from A to B? (I suppose...
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    Projectile Motion question. Only distance given.

    How would I do this? (Especially a. and b.) The cannon on a battleship can fire a shell a maximum distance of 41.0 km. (a) Calculate the initial velocity of the shell. m/s (b) What maximum height does it reach? (At its highest, the shell is above a substantial part of the...
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    projectile question

    I think I have 1 and 2 worked out but am not sure about the range ? I seem to have this one wrong and cant figure out why given it seems straight forward. Any help would be appreciated. I have vx = 17.36 xy= 15.09 max vertical height 11.62 m .... A projectile was fired across level ground...
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    Force exerted on a projectile

    Good day guys (and girls) So I am a first year university struggling with my physics assignment and I have a question regarding the following problem: A 3.00-kg projectile is fired at an angle of 45.0°. What is the magnitude of the force exerted on the projectile when it is at the highest...