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    Free Fall Problems (Urgent)

    I'm working on a homework and I've found there's a problem I can't find a solution to: A boy throws rocks up to a height we will name "H". How far must he throw the rocks for them to be twice the time in the air. -At first, the problem seems easy, as it is obvious that if it takes a...
  2. B

    Rotational Dynamics Problems

    Problem 1 A small cube of mass m is placed on the inside surface of a funnel rotating about a vertical axis with constant angular velocity ω. The wall of the funnel makes angle θ with the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction between the cube and the funnel is µs , and the cube is at...
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    AP Acceleration Problems

    I have been stuck on these two questions for roughly an hour now. I'm not quite sure which formula to use to find the answer. The questions are: 1. A car starts from rest at position x0=6.2m and accelerates to 11m/s in 4.0s. What is its position at the end of the acceleration? 2. How much time...
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    Help with physics problems?

    Force & stress? please help Hi there, I could really use some help to be able to work out some physics problems please! here's an example. i need to be able to see the workings too so that I can work through similar problems please. 1. Q: A child’s swing is connected to a cable with a...
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    Problems understanding video clip on electric dipole

    FLzJ2_DfNX0 In this video on electromagnetism from about 18:20 the lecturer derives the potential on a dipole. In deriving an approximation for large distances from dipole he makes a step (at about 20:50) I can't fathom. It looks similar to a MacClurin series but I'm not seeing how he got...
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    Can anyone do these problems??

  7. X

    Some fun problems to solve

    Hi, the teacher gave me this problem to solve. So i hope you can help me with it. Here is the problem: John poured 150ml ob boiling water in 2 cups made out of polystyrene (no heat goes out). In 1 cup he add 5 mm thick layer of hot oil. He measured starting temperatures and then he measured...
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    Numerical Problems in Physics of State

    Find the force needed to punch a hole 0.5cm square in a steel 1mm thick whose shearing strength is 845000000Pa.
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    More problems with big bang

    Ok, I have been thinking more carefully about this. I was told that the big bang was an explosion of space rather than an explosion of matter. Here are my current difficulties: 1. If all mass was at some point crammed into space the diameter of an atomic nucleus why then did not the short...
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    Boat Crossing River problems

    A boat wants to cross a 32.0m wide river from South to North. The current in the river is moving at 4.1m/s[west]. The station on the other side of the river is located 142m downstream from the original place. The boat's maximum engine speed(The boat's speed relative to water) is 6.0 m/s 1) At...
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    Can anyone answer this problems in Thermodynamics?

    Couldn't solve the problems. Is there anyone who can solve this kind of problem. Help me plss you can view the tables here-> thank u need the solutions asap :(
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    2 Physics Problems that Baffle Me (Moment of Inertia)

    Hi. The following are two physics problems (givens and the questions) that I need to answer. Moment of inertia really baffles me and I have no idea how to go about doing it. Ice skater spinning in circle. Approximate body of skater is a cylinder of radius .25 m. Total mass of skater is 50...
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    Solving oscillation-related problems using energy

    I am very much interested in how exactly can one solve harmonic oscillation-problems using solely the KE - PE approach. I am a high-school student, so a little in-depth explanation will very much be appreciated. There seems to be great potential in solving such problems by finding the mass- and...
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    Physics Problems Help!

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone could help me out with any of these physics problems. Question 1 A 2.3 mole sample of a monatomic gas is held within a 6.0 m3 container. The pressure in the container is 11449 Pa. What is the temperature of the gas? Answer: Question 2 Not complete...
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    Problem finding Th

    Hi guys, I am having some trouble with the calculation of Th in a potato cannon lab. I have found most of the information needed to get the temp, though I don't know how to set it up. Following is the list of variables I have found: Volume - 1.39605L Pressure - 141415 Change in volume -...
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    A few Work-Energy Theorem related problems

    I understand the basic principle of the work-energy theorem, but not sure how to factor in friction for these problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    basic velocity/acceleration problems

    Hello all, just had a few study questions for a midterm tomorrow. Not sure how to work through these, even though at this point in the semester I should probably have a better idea. Anyways, they are as follows, and thanks for any help... In the NBA Finals Russell Westbrook goes for a spot up...
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    Two problems on Energy

    I have these two problems on energy where I just don't totally understand the explanations given. One goes: (With a diagram showing a 14kg mass suspended 5m above the ground by a zero-mass rope, connected to a pulley, where on the other side of the rope is an 8kg mass resting on the ground...
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    Finding minimum values for problems

    Hi guys, really stuck on this one. A 1000N black is to be lifted using a chain sling (as shown). If the tension in the chain sling is not to exceed 1300N, find the shortest sling ABC that can be used. A is the most left point, B is the most right point and C is the top point. I think i...