1. K

    How can I finish studying these topics in 45 days? ( 2 hours a day )

    Hi, I am in a high a school and I want to finish these topics in one month and solve advanced problems also : I study with watching lectures on youtube and memorizing some contexts. I want to make a daily missions to ace the subject. I have studied the first chapter but I need to solve it...
  2. M

    Upside down Inclined plane problem

    Lets imagine that there is an inclined plane with 30 degrees and a woden Block on it. Now you turn the plane over so the horizontal becomes vertical. The koeficient of friction between Wood Block and plane is 0.3. What should be the size of aceleration in horizontal direction, such that Wood...
  3. E

    Please help with the last part of the problem

    A 3.49 kg ball is dropped from the roof of a building 187.2 m high. While the ball is falling to Earth, a horizontal wind exerts a constant force of 13.2 N on the ball. How long does it take to hit the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s How far from the building does the ball...
  4. G

    A Problem Kinematics "Physics for scientists and engineers"

    Hello everyone, An object of mass (m) sliding on a circular orbit of radius (r) which has a L shaped cross section. There is no friction on the bottom base but there is kinetic friction (μ) between the object and the side wall. At the time (t=0 sec) the magnitude of velocity is Uo. I need...
  5. C

    Troublesome problem with finding the electric current

    In this problem we have A wire with resistance per unit length of 32 Ω/m that is bent at a right angle. The second straight fragment of the same wire (The blue one) moves at the top of the first one at a speed of v = 4 m/s. The whole system is located in a magnetic field with an induction of B =...
  6. G

    A Problem from "Physics for scientists and engineers"

    Hello everyone!! I'm glad I found this forum!! I need help to the following problem! In an amusement park in Luna Park, passengers stand in a 16-meter-wide horizontal pan resting their backs on its side wall. The pan starts to rotate around a vertical axis. Suddenly, the floor of the...
  7. C

    Simple Mechanics problem - rotating the rod with a ball attached on a string

    To the end [A] of the rod [AB] with a length of d = 1.35 m a thin string with a length of l = 1.16 m was attached, at the other end of which a ping-pong ball is attached. The bar began to rotate in a horizontal plane with a constant angular velocity ω = 2.08 / s around the end B. Find the radius...
  8. B

    Problem with turbulent (?) flow prediction

    Hi!! I'm a student of pharmaceutical sciences which means that my physics knowledge isnt that great ahah, if I say a big mistake in the following text, a thousand "sorrys" ahah: So, I am now writing my master thesis and currently I am finishing writing a part where fluid mechanics are...
  9. A

    What to assume in this problem of static equilibrium?

    I have a question which I'm going to state in verbatim : You want to hang a picture at a certain place on a wall, but the only available nails are at points 1 ft. to the left and 2 ft. to the right off the edges of the picture (see the attachment). You attach the strings of the appropriate...
  10. P

    Yacht problem

    The entrance to a harbour is a channel of length A which runs between two banks a distance B apart. The banks and the channel can be assumed to be rectangular. There is a current flowing with a speed v from one bank to the other. A yacht travelling at a constant speed relative to the water u...
  11. N

    Projectile Motion Problem with no Velocity given

    Problem is Linked with a graphic I drew. Thanks!
  12. V

    Isothermal problem help

    This is a problem from Thermodynamics by Faires and Simmang: There are 2.27 kg/min of steam undergoing an isothermal process from 27.6 bar tp 6.9 bar at 316C. Find: a. ΔS, b. Q, c. W(nf), and d. W(sf) with ΔP=0 and ΔK=+42 kJ/min. Here are the answers it has given: a. 1.6 kJ/(K min) b. 942...
  13. bravopipo

    Spring related problem, force time mass and displacement

    Hello, Kindly solve this problem for me, or at least give me the procedure of equation to use. I don't know how to begin because I have not found any relationship that relate spring constant to time. If you find the solution, give me numerical result. We have (see the picture): 1. A...
  14. B

    Radiation and Convection problem

    I am trying to figure out what happens when a parcel of air rises in the atmosphere, and obtains potential energy due to its increased elevation loses kinetic energy proportional to the potential energy gained. Then while at TOA cools in accordance with radiation laws, then drops in the...
  15. D

    3D Statics problem

    Hello Got a following problem. 300N Box on a frictionless inclined plane. The plane itself is in the Z-direction. Box is held by a rope AB and a force in the direction Z. Determine the tension in the rope and the force F. The answers to this problem are 104N and 215N My question...
  16. D

    statics problem, help needed

    Hello Problem description: determine the lenght of h with respect to b so that the water flows. ive gotten as far as come up with an equation for the sum of moments and it goes as follows: bh*1/2b-1/2hb*1/3b=0 the answer is wrong and i dont know why. moment arm on the b is 1/2b and...
  17. A

    moment of inertia problem

    For the system shown in the figure below, m1 = 7.0 kg, m2 = 2.0 kg, θ = 31°, and the radius and mass of the pulley are 0.10 m and 0.10 kg, respectively. (a) What is the acceleration of the masses? (Neglect friction and the string's mass.) Known Formulas: Torque=...
  18. L

    Made up a problem; did I screw up?

    Been a long time since I did this stuff, so my error could be math or physics based. Problem: You have a massless charge of q = +1 nC fixed in place. A small object with charge of +1 nC and mass of m = 10^-3 kg is dropped from a position 1 m above the massless charge. How close do the two...
  19. Q

    Need help with Area Expansion Problem (Thermal Expansion)

    A steel ring with a hole having area of 3.990 cm2 is to be placed on an aluminum rod with crosssectional area of 4.000 cm2. Both rod and ring are initially at a temperature of 35.0°C. At what common temperature can the steel ring be slipped onto one end of the aluminum rod?
  20. M

    Tumble dryer problem

    Hi guys, I've been stuck on this question for quite a while. The main issue I have is that when i resolve the centripetal force, its vertical component is downwards but in order to offset the downward weight shouldn't it be upwards? Am I doing something wrong? I got 75 revs/min but the answer in...