1. donglebox

    An experiment demonstrating the principle of uncertainty

    An experiment demonstrating the principle of uncertainty,Hope to be helpful, if you like. please point out any mistakes. Simulated Video Experiments of Generalized Uncertainty Principle Introduction: The following is only the author's unreviewed understanding of the “Uncertainty...
  2. J

    Uncertainty principle

    I have a basic question on the uncertainty principle. The premise for the uncertainty is that "one will not be able to determine the position of the particle more accurately than the distance between the wave crests of light". I am trying to understand what's the basis of this primary...
  3. pittsburghjoe

    What is the Uncertainty Principle telling us?

    Is it saying the power of observation/measurement of a quantum object is not enough to make it a fully 3D + 1 space-time object? If something on our scale was partially fuzzy depending on how many measurements you made (at the same time) ..would you say it was a full fledged three dimensional...
  4. S

    General Relativity and the Principle of Reversibilty of Light.

    Does GR imply that the Principle of Reversibiltiy of Light does not hold in our universe?
  5. avito009

    Why is mass uncertain in case of Heisenberg Principle?

    I read that for Higgs Boson Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies. But why is mass uncertain in case of short lived unstable particle? That being said the momentum is uncertain which tells us that the position is known. Is the position known by measuring the Higgs Bump? Is the velocity also...
  6. avito009

    Uncertainty Principle

    "Misconception – You cannot simultaneously measure both the position and the momentum of a particle. Correct Physics – This is the wrong phrasing of Heisenberg’ s Uncertainty Principle (HUP), which actually states that the position and momentum are not simultaneously determined. This has a...
  7. K

    Need some clarification with d'alembert's principle

    I've been working on Caiken book trying to get my head around D'alembert's principle before I move onto the langrange equations. Most of it I kind of get but here are two solutions (attached) I got wrong and not sure why. Now with problem 2.03 I got one sign wrong for the denominator and I...
  8. L

    Understanding the Uncertainty principle

    blue ain’t your color lyrics, 7 years lyrics Hi everybody, I was reading about the Uncertainty principle and I came across the statement: "the position-space wavefunction of a minimum-uncertainty state is a Gaussian. Indeed, because it’s a minimum-uncertainty state, its momentum-space...
  9. O

    D'alemberts principle help

    Hi guys Just asking for a little help on this question 50kg object is pulled across a rough horizontal surface with a uniform force of 250N for 15m from rest, the surface has a frictional coefficient of 0.4, calculate the acceleration using dealemberts principle I have worked out the...
  10. S

    The Meaning of the Uncertainty Principle

    I have started this thread because the phrase "uncertainty in momentum" was used in another thread. Point for discussion. What does this mean? Does it mean that the (quantum) object does not have an exactly defined momentum? Or does...
  11. P

    Ocean waves and Huygen's Principle

    Ocean waves can travel in any direction, but waves breaking on the sea-shore are usually approximately parallel to the line of the beach. How can Huygen's principle explain this phenomenon? Does it have something to do with the fact that the velocity of the waves decreases as the water gets...
  12. H

    Does Fermat principle explain refraction inside water?

    A light ray is the fastest route between two points P and Q,but what if Q is at the bottom of the sea so that light cannot reach it?
  13. A

    Bernoulli's principle and venturi

    hello everyone I have confused about visualizing how pressure drop in venturi because diameter of the pipe is decreasing and the amount of the particles in the chamber(of the venturi) is increases although flow velocity in venturi is increases . I understood Bernoulli's principle but I can't...
  14. C

    The role of the principle of least action in heat transfer and fluid motion

    When the principle of least action is discussed, Fermat's Principle is usually used as an example. This is probably a really novice question, but could it be said (at least on a macro level) that heat transfer and the motion of fluids is also governed by the least action principle?
  15. Y

    Question about a principle.

    I built a house some time ago, but our houses are different from European Houses. My house has no ceiling but only zinc roof sheeting. To make it look a little better I painted it white underneath. Before I did this, the house was cool. Now the heat radiates down from the roof. One section not...
  16. J

    Bernoulli's Principle

    Hi all, In my textbook, when applying Bernoulli's Principle to a water pipe, the work done by the pressure on one end would be positive and negative on the other end. But how can one say the direction of the force exerted on an imaginary surface is either along or opposite to the direction of...
  17. Y

    Equivalence Principle entails that free fall is the same as weightlessness?

    Does the Equivalence Principle entail that there is no difference between the weightlessness of deep space and falling freely towards the earth? Imagine there are two laboratories which have no windows to the outside. Alice is in one lab and Bob is in the other. Otherwise completely...
  18. O

    Question About Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

    a) (5pts) Consider a one-dimensional square well with infinitely high potential barriers at x = ±2 × 10−15m as shown in figure a. For a proton in this well use the Hiesenberg Uncertainty Principle to derive the minimum uncertainty in the momentum and then use this to obtain an estimate of the...
  19. M

    Fermat's Principle

    Hello, everybody! Good morning! Look at the picture, in the oval, F and F' is the focal points. And the light FM travels from F to M then M relects the light to F'. It's easily known that: Optical Length (FMF') = FM + MF' = Const In the picture, there are two surface SMT and PMQ that...
  20. S

    Holographic principle and curious consequences

    When I demonstrate the holographic principle and derive its consequences, I arrive at [Dxmin]² = (8 h-bar G / c³)^½ R (see the attached document for the full development). From there I show that the absolute minimal length coherent with quantum mechanics and gravity under a Schwarzschild metric...