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    Help pls have an exam in 2 days

    I don't know how to start solving this problem do i integrate the wave function and equal it to 1 or do i solve it without integration and equal it to 0 ?
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    Time between Asteroidal Impacts Help pls!!

    If someone could help me with this question I would be so grateful :) Consider the Astroid belt as a torus surrounding the sun, populated by 1 million astroids, and with an astroid number density N = 2.3*10^-20 astroids / km^3. For an impact parameter S = 0.5km, and an assumed relative...
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    fluid mechanics (help pls)

    Pls I need answers to this difficult assignment A square aperture in the vertical side of a tank has one diagonal vertical and is completely covered by a plane plate hinged along one of the upper sides of the aperture. The diagonals of the aperture are 2m long and the tank contains a liquid...
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    pls I want to solve this problem (fluid mechanics)

    Hi Pls I cant solve this problem, can you solve it for me? thanks
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    Pls check my work - Fmax in an elastic collision.

    Hi, I've been trying to solve this problem but cant find a formula from a reliable source. A 60g ball is thrown in a path perpendicular to a wall at a velocity of 35m/s. The ball bounces back along the same path without any significant loss of speed. What is the Fmax, the maximum magnitude of...
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    pls help to solve this problem.

    hi, A particle moving with uniform acceleration in a straight line covers a distance of 3m in the 8th second and the 5m in the 16th second of its motion .What is the displacement of the particle from the beginning of the 6th sec to the end of 15th sec. The ans given is:36.25m my attempt...
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    pls help..

    hi, My question is :An aeroplane is flying with uniform speed of 100kmph along the circumference of a circle . What is the change in velocity in half revolution. how solve this problem when time is not given? i tried it this way: speed , s =100km/hr let time be ,t s= distance /time 100=2 pi...
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    Pls Help: Electric Potential at a Point

    The electric potential in a region of space is V = \frac{350}{\sqrt {x^2 + y^2 }},where x and y are in meters. a) What is the strength of the electric field at: (x,y) = (3.0 m, 2.0 m) ? b) What is the direction of the electric field at (x,y)=(3.0 m,2.0 m)? Give the direction as an angle...
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    Can someone pls correct me if im wrong thnks :)

    You are standing by the side of the street motionless when a car is traveling at a speed of 20m/s passes you. It continues traveling at this speed for 4.0 secs. Then the driver hits the brakes and, with a constant acceleration, comes to rest; traveling 25m while breaking. After 2 secs at rest...
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    Question on accelaration 2 (pls guide me,tq)

    A 40-kg girl and a 8.4-kg sled are on the surface of a frozen lake, 15 m apart. By means of a rope the girl exerts a 5.2 N force on the sled pulling it toward her. a. What is the acceleration of the sled? b. What is the acceleration of the girl? c. How far from the girl’s initial position do...
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    Homework Help ME PLS

    PLs, Check the attached file for the problems .
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    Challenging question PLS Help me

    Problem During start the acceleration of an airplane is depending on its speed v: a=a0(1-V^2/Vm^2) with the parameters a0 = 1.5 m/s² and Vm = 140 kt.The plane takes off with v1 = 60 kt and ascends afterwards at constant flight velocity v1 with the climb rate w= 1000 ft/min. a) How long is...
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    Pls help....just cant remember, but an easy problem related to ELECTRIC FIELD.

    q1 .______________________.q2 0.1meters The above fig. shows 2 point charges q1 (1x10-6 C) and q2 (2x10-6 C) are 0.1m away. On which point on the joining line is the Electrin Field Steangth zero?? (the smaller '-6's r meant to be the powers of 10)
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    pls help with this Q. force up inclined hill

    a 100 kg trollley is being pushed up a rough 30degree incline by a constant force, F. the frictional force Ft between the incline and the trolley is 110N. determine the value of F that will move the trolley up the incline at a constant velocity of 5ms^1? thanks my 1st time on this forum.