1. M

    Upside down Inclined plane problem

    Lets imagine that there is an inclined plane with 30 degrees and a woden Block on it. Now you turn the plane over so the horizontal becomes vertical. The koeficient of friction between Wood Block and plane is 0.3. What should be the size of aceleration in horizontal direction, such that Wood...
  2. topsquark

    Air plane pressure

    So I'm flying on a jet and I have to swallow to reduce the pressure in my ears and a thought occurred to me. The jet is essentially a flying tube, sealed to maintain normal air pressure. But if it is sealed then how can the air pressure in the plane rise and fall? Thanks! -Dan
  3. E

    Measuring center of gravity on a horizontal plane

    So I'm trying to find a way to the x, y, and z coordinates of the center of gravity for a rectangular box all at once. That is, I can't take the time to rotate it to three orientations and measure the CG on each side that'd be facing downward for each orientation. The box doesn't have mass...
  4. N

    Inclined plane problem

    Two bodies with mass m1 and m2 are tied together with an inexstensible and massless string rolled over a massless pulley put at the top of the incline with angle 30 . m2=5 kg which is on the incline is blocked and T=10 N . m2 is let loose and the system starts moving freely. The distance...
  5. B

    Acceleration of Blocks on an inclined plane

    Problem The figure below shows a block of mass m1 sliding on a block of mass m2. The inclined surface is fixed, and the angle of the incline is θ. All surfaces are frictionless Find the acceleration of each block and the tension in the string that connects the blocks Attempt at a solution...
  6. K

    D'Alembert and accelerating inclined plane

    Just when I think I have figured this out the answers in the solutions book prove me wrong yet again. I am trying to understand the steps here. Here is what I got: F_{applied} = M \ddot{x} + mg F_{inertial} = \frac{m \ddot{s}}{\sin \alpha} I reasoned for the second "inertial" forces that...
  7. K

    D'Alembert, two blocks and an inclined plane

    Ok, I am still confused about this. This time I considered all the forces and all the particles. However this is how I broke it down. F_{applied} = (\frac{m_1}{\sin \alpha}+m_2)g F_{inertial} = (m_2 +\frac{m_1}{\sin \alpha})\ddot{s} However the solution misses out the sin(alpha) in...
  8. B

    Cylinder moving on plane with friction

    A hollow cylinder with mass m and radius R stands on a horizontal surface with its smooth flat end in contact the surface everywhere. A thread has been wound around it and its free end is pulled with velocity v in parallel to the thread. Find the speed of the cylinder. Consider two cases: (a)...
  9. G

    Object dropped from a plane

    Hi all, I have a very simple question. Will an object dropped from a plane moving at a constant velocity EVER ACHIEVE PURELY VERTICAL MOTION? (Make sure we're not taking air resistance into account) Thanks
  10. L

    submerged rectangle plane

    can someone explain about the circled part , when can we ignore the Po ?
  11. L

    total forces acting downward on the plane

    the total force acting downwards the plane = 100(9.81)sin20 + 150= 485.5 N , should I take the tension in B into consideration ? how to get the tension on the rope ?
  12. J

    Dynamics on an Inclined Plane

    I was wondering if this problem could be approached in the way I have shown below. I am getting an answer -.510m/s^2 instead of -.505m/s^2 in the back of the book. Here is how I approached it: Forces (x)=...
  13. H

    Light and plane mirror

    Assuming a candle in front of plane mirror the following happens - - - photons from the candle stikes the atoms of silver oxide coated on the back of plane mirror and gets reflected off, my question is does the photon carry the image of the candle with it? Secondly why when we move the plane...
  14. S

    Electric field around a plane sheet

    Electric field around a plane sheet is given by s/e where 's' is surface charge density and 'e' is permitivity of medium . This implies that electric field is uniform around a plane sheet that is no variation even with diatance . So my question is how long this will be present will it spread...
  15. P

    Degree of freedom of a block of wood sliding on a horizontal plane

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Find out the degrees of freedom of a block of wood sliding on a horizontal plane. 2. Relevant equations DoF=Nn-k N=no. of dimensions. n=no. of particles.k= no. of constraints. 3. The attempt at a solution I am considering the block of...
  16. A

    Solve this question??????? Please tell me the correct answers of all the three parts...
  17. S

    friction force inclined plane

    at an animal show, a 430 kg baby elephant slides down a wet inclined plabe positioned at an angle of 32° to the horizontal coefficient of friction between the elephant and the inched pans is |.35. what frictional force is required to slow down the elephant down the inclined plane?
  18. Y

    How to proof the reflected wave of a Plane Wave is a Plane Wave?

    I have been looking around, I have not manage to find the reflected wave due to a Plane Wave hitting a flat boundary ( say xy plane) is a Plane Wave also. For example, in the case of normal incidence where , the book just gives . I am trying to proof the reflected E wave in normal incidence is...
  19. C

    Physics - Inclined Plane - Experiment

    My question: A wooden box is at rest on a ramp inclined at an angle Ө to the horizontal. W is the weight of the box and its contents. A frictional force prevents the box sliding down the ramp. A reaction force acts on the box perpendicular to the inclined plane. The inclined plane is hinged...
  20. Z

    Block on incline plane with two coefficient of frictions given?

    I wrote a test last week with a question that has been bugging me.. There was a block weighing 400kg on an inclined plane, 30 degrees to the horizontal. It said to find the max PULL force to keep the block from: Sliding up the incline (10 marks) Sliding down the incline (10 marks) There...