1. J

    Perpendicular axis theorem problem

    Hi everyone, I have come across a problem that I am afraid I really don't know how to start to tackle. It is a problem of the type - to show that a theorem works for particular situation from first principals using generic elements and coordinate system and so prove the theorem in general...
  2. L

    acceleration in tangential direction and perpendicular direction

    when the acceleration in the n direction is (ω^2)r ? , why in the t direction , it is given by alpha ? aren't they the same ?
  3. S

    Why surface of fluid is perpendicular to net force acting on it?

    I have been told by my teacher that the surface of a fluid is always perpendicular to the net force acting on it. The reason being a fluid can not withstand tangential stress and if a shear stress is applied to it, it will slip until the surface becomes perendicular to the net force. So my...
  4. M

    Parallel and Perpendicular axis theorems

    Could someone explain me perpendicular and parallel axis ????
  5. J

    How to guide lights from all direction, straight and perpendicular to a surface?

    hi, I am working on a college project, and I was wondering if there is any kind of lens or something that can get light from any direction within any angle of incident and bend it so that the plane below it, can get those light rays in a straight and perpendicular fashion. in order to...
  6. Aman987

    Perpendicular and Parallel Axis

    Could someone explain me perpendicular and parallel axis ????