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    Numerical aperture problem (optic fiber output after lens)

    Hi all, I'm facing an issue: I'm using a NA = 0.16 lens to focus light into an optic fiber with NA = 0.5 (I'm using that lens because I want it to be compatible even with a NA = 0.22 optic fiber I want to use in the future), but what is the aperture of the output of the optic fiber? I'd say...
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    New optic instrument iterspeedmeter

    I wait for support in pdf I show experiment build and new very simply tool a) desk b) laser c) 20-ty small mirrors ( please read step by step ) Micelson - Morley eperiment is very important point //// if You not accept yellow table in first link not read more You need read...
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    3 Optic Problems

    I have 3 questions to solve in 2 days for my coursework.. All the questions are about optical physic, thx for the answers.. PROBLEM 1 Refracting prism with the angle O=60° between the refracting surfaces is made of glass with a refractive index n . If the angle of incidence at the first...