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    How to determine the number of turns of the winding?

    The problem: In the core made of electrical steel (Fig. 1), it is required to create a magnetic flux Φ = 4.2*10^(-3) Wb. Determine the number of turns of the winding, if the current is I = 5 A, and the dimensions of the core are specified in millimeters. Equations that are supposed to be used...
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    An infinite number of infinitely diminishing sub-universes?

    We all know that there's one universe, which, while reason suggests is infinite outwardly, may or may not be. But how about going inward? Reason suggests that from each point of our universe, there would need to be smaller and smaller things, (which, perhaps, may not be "particles") and, at...
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    Finding new Reynold's Number (Re) with decrease and increases in percentages

    This is the OG question: "A small hose in a machine carries a viscous fluid. When the machine is first turned on the fluid flows through the hose and the Reynold's number is 1800. As it warms up, there is a reduction of the density of the fluid of 1.61%, a reduction in the viscosity of...
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    Your logical number now(one point by two lines)

    When two lines meet one point on graph, it makes your logical number as just meaning but not the theory. Another basic way to understand theory is that even it is parallel for two lines, it meets one point someday as two infinite series number can be the same someday as zero as sequence number...
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    Number philosophy(One relativity)

    Number can mean perfect logic for just nature. But number also is for philosophy as logic and letter, together. So number and philosophy mean the same. And I take monism for philosophy, so everything is one. Number is not question relativity for philosophy as it has it. So relativity can be one.
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    Flux dependant upon number of turns? (worked solution on left and plain answer on right; they aren't the same and neither take into account the number of turns, which adds to the confusion) Is the book's answer correct? Doesn't...
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    Puzzle number not existence

    When number is more than thirty two digits(out of number digit maximum), it is not number and just the puzzle so not existence as one itself. But infinite series is number as existence even the digit is longer more than it as it is with other number as formula.
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    Physics formula from the number

    We cannot use decimal points for the fraction, but for physics formula, we can use decimal points for fraction, so it is more easy to solve the physics formula. This number is just for the speed , as it is just for the physics formula and not the number, so we use it as m/sec as frame. For...
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    Reynolds number in incompressible flow

    Hello I'm having some doubts about calculating the Reynolds number! I have as data total Temperature, total Pressure and the Mach number which is very low (<0.1). Is it still valid to use the isentropic correlations for P/Po = (1+(gamma-1)/2*M^2)^-gamma/(gamma-1) or is it valid just for...
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    Reynold number and thickness of viscous layer

    why as the velocity increases , the thickness of the viscous sublayer will also increase ? i know only that when velocity increases , the Reynoldf number increses . How to relate viscous sublayer thickness with the Reynold number?
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    reynold number formula

    can someone explain why the force of inertia is ρ(V^2)(L^2) , while the viscous force is μVL ?
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    Reynold number & complete turbulence

    why the author gave that the complete turbulenece is indpendent on the Reynold number ? For the turbulence to occur , the Reynold number must be higher than certain value , am i right . So , IMO , turbulenet is dependent on the Reynold number
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    Reynold Number

    Why the notes gave that the entry length in turbulent flow less dependent on the Reynold number in the second photo ? What does it mean ?
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    Resultant of number of forces acting simultaneously.

    Is there any method to evaluate resultant effect of number of non-coplanar forces acting simultaneously on a body. Here is the methods to find resultant for coplanar forces.
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    Equilibrium Number Of Vacancies...

    Hello, For my first post on the forum, I'd like to ask for some help on a question I'm unsure about. The question is: If the formation energy for a vacancy in platinum is 1.62eV per vacancy, calculate the equilibrium vacancy concentration at the temperatures: 300 & 2000K. Compare the results...
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    Number of oscillations executed by an object to be in phase?

    the turntable is rotating at 36.25 rpm. the simple pendulum is performing SHM at 36.00 prm. how many complete oscillations would the pendulum execute so that both are in phase?
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    Experience number 10^20

    The existence number is 10^20. We cannot count the number more bigger than this by my 10 fingers. We can guess it, but it is out of my experience. As a result, there are a lot ways to count the existence number. For the example, 100 is the perfect number. 4 fingers have 12 joints and the thumb...
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    Stanton number

    Hi, i'm currently trying to size a heat exchanger and have been using Kays and London as a reference book. i have come across a calculation for the heat transfer coefficient: h = StGCp where St = the Stanton number, G = mass velocity and Cp = specific heat. In the text book it...
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    How to find the quantum number

    I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it. Please, help me or give me some hints. Thank you a lot. An electron is trapped in a one-dimensional infinite potential well. For what (a) higher quantum number and (b) lower quantum number is the corresponding energy difference equal to...
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    Reynolds number equation/Laminar & Turbulent Flow

    This problem I'm trying to solve says: A model of a river boat is to be tested at 1:13.5 scale. The boat is designed to travel at 8 mph in fresh water at 10 degrees C. Estimate the distance from the bow where transition occurs. Where should transition be stimulated on the model towboat? The...