1. A

    Newton law

    I have a question and I need help. It is as follows: A long rope of 15 meters hangs on a tree. A 50 kg mass can hang on the rope; any additional mass will cause the rope to break. How long will it take you to pull a 30 kg mass box up the tree. What formula can be used to calculate this?
  2. G

    Newton's Laws Test Problem

    So I'm taking a practice test for an upcoming exam, and this problem has me stumped. I've attached an image here, as you can see I have some equations written out. My problem now is that I'm left with 3 unknowns (normal force, acceleration in x, and angle theta). Anyone wanna toss me in the...
  3. avito009

    What inspired newton to formulate his laws of motion?

    Well Pmb used to say that you should try to investigate how laws of physics were formed. So as per my thinking newton formulated his laws based on law of conservation of energy. Is this correct? Let me elaborate. Newtons first law states that an object at rest remains at rest and object in...
  4. R

    Newton's Cradle Help

    Greetings, When I was a kid, a relative had a Newton's Cradle that worked perfectly. The balls in the middle DID NOT MOVE! I purchased a toy Newton's Cradle but, needless to say, it does not work well. I decided to make my own. Since I am a woodworker, I wanted to make a nice one out of...
  5. L

    Newton's constant

    How did Cavendish obtain Newton's constant?
  6. K

    Newton's rules

    I found N1 as 16. I couldn't find N2. How will I find it?
  7. avito009

    Was newton inspired?

    Galileo proved that g=9.8m/s^2. He used inclined planes and rolled down balls of different masses all balls came down at the same time so then came newton who proved again that g=9.8m/s^2 this is how. F= ma= G x m x M/r^2. m cancels out and we are left with F= a= G x M/r^2. Plug in the values...
  8. J

    Finding the mass of the planet

    Hi, I'm doing an independent course, so whenever I need help with a question it is very difficult to find it. The lesson I am on now has given me a question that I have no clue how to begin working on. Basically, a team of space explorers lands on a planet with a radius of 7.5*10^6 m. A...
  9. H

    time and motion according to aristotle and newton

    HI guys can you help me by answering these 3 questions in words I am having trouble understanding them. 1. What is the relationship between time and motion according to Aristotle? 2. If Flash travels at the speed of light, does the light moving in his direction appear to him to be at...
  10. O

    friction force

    The block m is on block M. An external force apply to M. If we think m=3Kg and M=6Kg ,between M and floor there is no friction and between m and M μ=0.4. What is the maximum force with which the lower block can be pulled horizontally so that the two blocks move...
  11. O

    friction force

    Can you solve this problem The block m is on block M. An external force apply to M. If we think m=3Kg and M=6Kg ,between M and floor there is no friction and between m and M μ=0.4. What is the maximum force with which the lower block can be pulled horizontally...
  12. O

    The tension force of a pulley

    I have a problem that, If there is no friction in the pulley why the T1 force equals to the T2 force. Can you give me the reasons for that.
  13. O

    Reaction of the friction

    I am a student from Sri Lanka, According to the newton's third law there is a reaction for the each external force. But I have a problem that what is the reaction of the friction force. Is it form to the direction of moving the object?
  14. S

    regarding undrstanding

    i forgot the concepts understanding word by word without practical imaginative thinking. how to understand physics like a story. can anyone can tell me
  15. B

    Newton's 2nd Law and total force

    Doctors often use the Russell Traction System to immobilize a fractured femur (the thigh bone). Notice that one force (F1) is applied directly to the knee while two other forces (F2 and F3) are applied to the foot. The forces applied to the foot combine to give a force of (F2 + F3) that is...
  16. C

    Newton's 2nd law in curved space

    Hi, I am struggling to find information on applying Newton's second law to a particle moving freely (ma=0) on a 3D curved surface like, say, the surface of a torus. What would the trajectory of such a particle undergoing free motion be if it was restricted to travel on a curved surface? So...
  17. T

    Newton's Third Law textbook problem

    Imagine that I am pushing on a wall. Then my textbook says that by Newton's third law, F A B = F B A FAB=FBA, where I am B and the wall is A. Isn't this wrong? Shouldn't it be that F A B = − F B A FAB=−FBA?
  18. S

    Newton's Experiment

    To divide the white colour in to its seven constitute colour i.e. VIBGYOR just rotate a disc on pivoted point and throw a white light and while it is rotating with the white light on it you will notice there is seven colour on the disc and while the disc is stop the colour of the will again...
  19. M

    Einstein , Newton , Planet - Rocket ( mass eqvivalence)

    below post must improve Your Imagination ( target is hot Your brain ) below famous example M- rocket mass m - person rocket is accelerating ...accelerating and accelerating...
  20. M

    III Newton it is absurd !!!

    WE ARE INSIDE BUS AND WE SPEAK ...................>>>>>BUS's MOTION p1...p2...p3...You YOU NEVER SEE MY FREASH ACTUAL POSITION IN UNIVERSE we have Earth and two mass m m --->V . . . . Earth . . . . m<---V Earth and mass...