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    Is neutron the key to solving the mystery of theory of everything?

    This post is not an ads for my book (book title has been deleted for good faith). This post is just to challenge your brain to look again at the facts of the physics world. The book, in the form of a sci-fi story, tries to focus the reader on the intellectual challenge about the atom. The...
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    Wavelength and kinetic energy of crystally diffracted neutron beam.

    A beam of neutrons all with the same energy are diffracted by atoms which are seperated by 0.0910 nm in a crystal plane. At the angle $\theta = 28.6^{\circ}$ the instensitymaxima for $m=1$ is observed. What is the neutron wavelength and the kinetic energy expressed in eV?
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    World without satanism: photon, electron , neutron , proton

    Hi Guys . See my knockout results. "World without satanism: photon, electron , neutron , proton" . second version Figures you can see in my site Photon is an electromagnetic wave, it is twisted into a ring at any oblique collision with material ( Figure 1). If...
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    neutron decay

    a neutron decays at rest in about 9 minutes. the maximum kinetic energy of the electron is about 780eV 780KeV 780MeV 780GeV I am not getting what to do with neutron decay and time taken in it.. any body please suggest me something..
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    neutron scattered and absorbed problem

    What is the probability a 1 eV neutron will be scattered and absorbed passing through 1 cm of water?
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    binding energy of a neutron

    Hi, How to caculate the binding energy of a neutron to Pu-239 and to Pu-240? Many thanks,