1. topsquark

    Majorana Neutrino

    I heard about a year ago that a the neutrino is actually a Majorana particle (a fermion that is its own anti-particle). It's a big deal because it would be a major step (no pun intended!) to prove that Supersymmetry is a symmetry of nature. It's hard to even measure anything about neutrinos...
  2. avito009

    Neutrino and conservation of energy.

    In the process of beta decay the neutrino carries the missing energy and also in this process the law of conservation of energy remains valid. In beta decay, a neutron in an unstable nucleus transforms into a proton and emits an electron or a proton transforms into a neutron and emits a...
  3. avito009

    Neutrino travelling at the speed of light.

    As we know that according to relativity nothing that has mass can travel at the speed of light. But the latest study about neutrinos has shown that neutrinos have mass. But how can neutrinos that have mass travel at the speed of light?
  4. topsquark

    Fourth Neutrino

    I think this is quite a piece of news. There is a real potential here for breaking the CPT theorem of QFT. Anyone want to talk about it? -Dan