1. TyrannosaurusWreck

    Net Electric Fields

    I keep getting this problem wrong- Two charges, q1 = −3.00 mC and q2 = 4.50 mC, are located at −2.00 cm and 3.00 cm on the x axis, respectively. What are the magnitude and direction of the resulting field at (a) x = −3.00 cm? (b) x = 0 cm? (c) x = 5.00 cm? My physics book doesn't bother...
  2. J

    Net electric field between two negative charges

    Hi, having a problem understanding the net electric field midway between to negative charges of different magnitude. -4.0microC-------------------------------------------------5.0microC My thinking is that the fields oppose one another but the -5.0microC charge is greater so the...
  3. R

    At which point is the net electric field between 2 charges 0?

    Two charges -8 µC and +2 µC are fixed in space and separated by a distance of 5.0m. At what point along the line joining the two charges is the net electric field equal to zero. Locate the point relative to the negative charge. What would be the force on a charge of +12 µC placed at this...
  4. D

    Calculating net thrust of rocket with gravity

    Trying to calculate the net thrust of a rocket taking into account the force due to gravity. So I presume this is the calculated Thrust minus the force due to gravity. Known data so far is that the rocket gets to escape velocity (11,200 m/s) after 5 minutes (300 secs). Acceleration for...
  5. S

    Why surface of fluid is perpendicular to net force acting on it?

    I have been told by my teacher that the surface of a fluid is always perpendicular to the net force acting on it. The reason being a fluid can not withstand tangential stress and if a shear stress is applied to it, it will slip until the surface becomes perendicular to the net force. So my...
  6. N

    Net torque on a wheel

    Find the net torque on the wheel shown in the figure about the axle through O (origin) if a = 10cm and b = 25cm. The answer is -3.71 N.m, going into paper. I'm having trouble getting this result. I included an attachment with what I did. What am I missing? Thank you.
  7. N

    centrifugal force and net weight

    When an object, orbiting in circular path, experiences the sensation of being thrown outward away from the centre of circle. We often think that an outward force or centrifugal force is responsible for this trend. But it is wrong idea. Inertia is responsible for this. Since earth rotates around...
  8. H

    Do all forces have a pair, except for net forces?

    I read online that a net force does not have an action reaction pair, and I know that centripetal force is a net force, but I am not sure if the individual component that make up the net force such as tension, and friction that provide the centripetal force do or do not have a pair force or an...
  9. J

    An object does not always move in the direction of the net force?

    I am confused on this statement. I am trying to find a scenario when an object doesn't move in the direction of Fnet. I think it does bc the direction of acceleration will determine the direction of Fnet and the acceleration will also determine the direction of the object. The context is...
  10. A

    3 point charges, must find net force on each

    Ok, I have 3 charges on the 3 points of an equilateral triangle. A is negative in the bottom left corner while B and C are positive in the top and bottom right position, respectively. The magnitude of each charge is 5*10^6 C and the length of each side is .03 m. They're asking for the net...
  11. B

    Finding the Magnitude of net force. DESPERATE!

    I am in desperate need of help on the following physics problem. Part A: Three students converge on the last textbook in the store. All three grab it and begin to pull in the directions shown in the above figure. Student A exerts a force of 61.88 N, student B pulls with a force of 31.92...
  12. O

    Net force acting on a liquid dielectric

    From Reitz's Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory: Two coaxial cylindrical conductors, of approximately same radius, are separated by a distance d in the radial dimension. The cylinders are placed into a liquid dielectric of susceptibility \chi and density \delta The cylinders are held at a...
  13. M

    Finding net force and frequency of an oscillation due to charges.

    Two equal magnitude negative charges (–q and –q) are fixed at coordinates (-d, 0) and (+d, 0). A positive charge of the same magnitude, q, and with mass m is placed at coordinate (0, 0), midway between the two negative charges. If the positive charge is moved a distance δ << d in the positive...
  14. D

    Net Torque HELP!

    Calculate the net torque on the rectangular plate about the point O. Force F1 is 12.0 N, F2 is 21.0 N, F3 is 12.0 N, F4 is 16.0 N, and F5 is 19.0 N. *Pciture of diagram attached* I need help!
  15. K

    Finding Components of the Net Force??

    Ok this question is honestly stupid, can't you only find components on a vector? Or I am just not seeing something... Two ropes are attached to a wagon, one horizontal to the west with a tension force of 30 N, and the other east and at an angle of 30° northward and a tension force of...
  16. S

    Finding where net field is equal to 0

    "Charges of +3.0mC and -2.0mC are placed 20.0 cm apart. Where is the net electric field equal to 0?" The best I can come up with is (.000003 C)/d1^2 = -(.000002 C)/d2^2 but that still leaves me with two variables...
  17. A

    Calculate the net charge on a substance consisting of a combination of 7.8 1013 prot

    Calculate the net charge on a substance consisting of a combination of 7.8 1013 protons and 3.0 1013 electrons.
  18. F

    Horizontal net force help

    A 225kg crate is pushed horizontally with a force of 710N. If the coefficient of friction is 20, find the acceleration of the crate.
  19. O

    net torque and acceleration

    70 cm diameter cylindrical disk has a mass of 10 kg and accelerates uniformly from 150 rpm to 300 rpm in 4 sec. a) find angular accleration. b) what are th radial and tangential components of linear accleration for a point on the edge of the wheel. C) what is th net torque acting on the wheel...
  20. A

    Several Net Force on Hanging Mass Problems

    Hey, I've got a couple questions for my pre-lab that I'm unsure if I've worked correctly. Here's the question: A simple pendulum consists of a weight attached to a wire or string, hanging from a point where the string is attached. 1. If you are not touching stationary pendulum, it hangs...