1. H

    boat moving in a river

    I am looking for an explanation on how to calculate this situation. You are floating in a boat in calm water some distance D miles from a dam. A gate is opened at time T. You know the width and depth of the river, the size of the gate and how far above the low side of the dam it is located...
  2. P

    Two kinds of movement

    There are two kinds of movement. When the object is on the ground, it is not moving but still this one has the power. When the object is on the air, it really moves actively as power and this is another kind of movement. This can be the bridge to understand in another way for the relativity.
  3. dokrbb

    A projectile movement problem

    An enemy ship is on the east side of a mountain island, as shown in the figure. The enemy ship has maneuvered to within d1 = 2086 m of the h =1790 m high mountain peak and can shoot projectiles with an initial speed of vi = 244 m/s. If the western shoreline is horizontally d2 = 279 m from the...
  4. F

    Movement in one direction help?

    A ball is released from the height 3 meters and after it hits the floor it reaches the height 2 meter. A) Whats the speed of the ball in the moment when it meets the ground? My answer : V^2-V0^2=2gs and here we find V=sqrt60. What is the speed of the ball in the moment it leaves the ground...
  5. A

    movement around a circle with initial velocity

    A car with mass m is launched with a spring (constant K), which has an initial compresstion of Xo. The car travels on a level track, which then slopes down with radius of curvature R. All surfaces are frictionless. 1. At what angle(theta) will the car leave the track. This was a review...
  6. A

    Movement of charges

    An electron has an initial speed of 2 Mm/s in the direction x. The electron enters a uniform electric field E = 400j N/C which is the direction y. (a) Calculate the acceleration of the electron. (b) What the time interval required for the electron traveled 10 cm in x direction ? (c) What is the...
  7. T

    harmonic movement ..

    we got a rock which has a smaller rock inside, we tilt it by a small angle. why the torques is negative why they do -torque=I*angular accelarations ??
  8. A

    Movement of an electron between two plates

    Hey guys. Where is the force which is created by the electric field, directed to? I think it's towered the bottom plate but I'm not sure. 10x.