1. N

    Momentum Problem

    Im just not understanding the wording of this problem or how they want us to change the graph. I know P(momentum) = -mrsin(wt), x = rcos(wt), V = -wrsin(wt) but im so lost with what he is asking exactly in terms of drawing the circle and the directions
  2. F

    help with magnetic momentum and particule in a field

    Sigh..... so 2 books, later, a few points under passing grade, and after getting no response from the online teacher , i spent the last 2 days diving in electricity maths books, and still manage to get wrong answers....what gives!!! plz help!! i need to get these right...
  3. J

    Does momentum "get transferred" during collisions?

    Is it correct to talk about momentum being transferred between objects during collisions? Did classical physicists view it this way at all? I have heard the expression before and as a physics educator I want to make sure I am using the right language. By describing momentum this way it seems...
  4. E

    Need help with an angular momentum problem? I have it solved but apparently I'm wrong

    I've spent at least 1.5 hours on this problem trying to figure out what i did wrong and I can't find anything. With an exam in two days plus another chapter to go through. Regardless, here are the problem(6) and answer, as well as my work. Hope you can read it, and the writing on the bottom...
  5. R

    Momentum of Rocket

    Greetings to all I have two small questions about the Momentum of a Rocket and conservation of Momentum , the questios are : 1- Can the speed of a Rocket exceeds the exhaust speed of the Fuel ? 2- A bomb, initially at rest, explodes into several pieces. (a) Is linear momentum...
  6. J

    Determining Mass from Momentum

    Is it possible to determine the mass of an object (i.e Bicycle) given the (Coefficient rolling resistance), (Initial Velocity) and the (Deceleration). Given that you are able to change the (Coefficient Rolling Resistance) and from this determine a new (Deceleration). Wind resistance and internal...
  7. avito009

    Earths angular momentum and newtons second law.

    Newtons second law states: A force applied to an object changes its state of motion. If the object is at rest, it will start moving. If it is moving, it will speed up, slow down, or change direction. The change in motion depends on the mass of the object. Can we interpret this way? The earth...
  8. D

    (orbital) momentum

    Hello everybody! I'm layman in physics and new in this forum, but recently I feel very strong interest in physics... and now I am struggling to obtain some knowledge. That's why i decided to sign up in the forum and I hope to get help from people who are versed and educated in physics. Here...
  9. R

    Rate of change im momentum

    Good Day, My name is Rabia. I would like to know he the rate of change in momentum is the same for objects of 2 different sizes if the same size force is acting on it? Can anyone help?
  10. P

    I need help with the final part of a long momentum problem

    This question has 4 parts. I managed to do a) to c) but I can't figure out d) at all. A student is throwing bricks at his physics teacher. The bricks have a mass of 2 kg and the student can throw them with a speed of 10 m/s. The teacher is standing on a frozen lake so there is no friction and...
  11. H

    Momentum, friction and acceleration in a small sized light weight robot

    I have been working on a problem related to a robot that I am building. I am trying to find a formula to calculate the force needed to apply through motors to accelerate and turn the robot. The end goal of this task is to find a way to calculate the maximum force that a motor can apply on a...
  12. L

    Energy and momentum in a closed system

    (Nerd)A thought experiment: You have a box (spacecraft) stationary, in free fall. Inside box, against one wall is a precompressed spring with a small mass against the end of the spring opposite the wall. Release spring. Its elastic potential energy turns to kinetic energy (and momentum), as...
  13. B

    Momentum problem

    I tried to solve it from a few approaches: kinematics,energy conservation. but I know few things for sure. first you need to calculate the velocity in h.0 by using kinematics equations or energy conservation. then momentum conservation for the velocity of two of them and then kinematic...
  14. J

    Momentum and changing mass

    Hi all out there, I got a problem recently and in fact after using my method to solve it (and getting the correct answer) that is .. it matches the solution at the back of the book, I am not satisfied that I actually used the correct method to get the solution (if that makes sense) ... details...
  15. K

    Angular momentum in orbital mechanics

    Depending on whether you use the sun or earth as the centre of your reference frame (origin of co-ordinate system) can result in different answers for the calculation of angular momentum. Is there a preferred reference point for the calculation of such a value? In a two body system is it the...
  16. A

    Ion Propulsion Rocket Momentum

    Hey, I've been trying to solve this problem for awhile, and my book is no help since it only lists the rocket equations. An ion propulsion system uses ejected ions to change the momentum of a spacecraft. If 1x10^20 protons are ejected per second at 3x10^5m/s relative to to a 100 kg...
  17. D

    Velocity tranfers - momentum vs. energy

    I have a question over the problem below. I am missing something evidently because my mind cannot see where the mistake is. The problem is meant to be a transfer of energy problem so the thought is that the hammer hits a lever and transfers all the KE of the hammer to the puck. The...
  18. D

    Momentum Problem

    A curler plans on launching rock A at 2.8 m/s to hit Rock B with an angle of 61 degrees in order to hit rock B towards rock C at 1.7 m/s 75 degrees as shown. Will any rock make contact with rock D? I tried solving rock A because that's the only one that seemed reasonable to clash with rock D. I...
  19. T

    Velocity and momentum help

    You throw a 0.42-kg target upward at 15 m/s. When it is at a heigh of 10 m above the launch position and moving downward, it is struck by a 0.338-kg arrow going 27 m/s upward. Assume the interaction is instantaneous. a)What is the velocity of the target and arrow immediately after the...
  20. M

    Mechanics Problem (objects on a slope + momentum and velocity)

    Hi guys. I'll make this as brief as I can. Attached is the problems I'm struggling with, and my attempt at an answer. I know it looks quite sloppy, but I've done several more pages in the past few hours and I'm essentially no further forward; attached pics are as far as I've gotten. Would...