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    Young's Modulus: 'how much force can you apply before it breaks' help?

    The question is: "A rope has tensile Young's modulus of 0.64 GPa and a breaking strain of 0.021. The rope is 50m long and has a diameter of 0.015m. What is the maximum tensile force that can be applied to the rope before it breaks in N?" My answer was wrong, and I don't know where to go...
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    Velocity and modulus of elasticity

    SOLVED Hello everyone, " A 100 g mouse is attached to the end B of an elastic string AB with modulus of elasticity of 3.92N and natural length 0.25m, the end A being fixed. The mass is pulled down from A until AB is 0.5m and then released. Find the velocity of the mass when the string...
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    Young's Modulus

    Having issues with the following problem: A metal rod that is 4.00 long and 0.500 in cross-sectional area is found to stretch 0.200 under a tension of 5000 . What is Young's modulus for this metal? Y = Pa? I know that Young's modulus is equal to stress / strain for stress: I...
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    Young's Modulus question?

    If a metal wire has its length doubled and its diameter tripled, by what factor does its Young ‘modulus change?
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    Poissons ration, modulus elasticity, shear modulus

    A 100kip axial load is applied to a 1x4x90inch rectangular bar. When loaded the 4in side measures 3.9986in and the length has increased .09 in. Determine Poissons ratio, the moduus of elasticity, and the shear modulus of the material. Can anyone please help figure this problem out. Thanks in...
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    Young modulus

    A mass of 2.0 kg is attached to one end of a steel wire of original length 1.0 m and the other end of it is fixed at point O . THe system is then rotated vertically about O with constant angular velocity 4 pi rad / s . Assuming that the cross sectional area of wire is 1.0 mm square and always...
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    [Urgent, Help!~]Young's modulus VS Force constant

    The experiment setup is as follows: 1) What are the precautions of the experiment(measuring Young's modulus of copper)? 2)As a parameter of mechanical property, why is Young’s modulus (defined by stress/strain) more useful than force constant (defined by force/extension) for material selection...
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    Young's Modulus and grey PVC piping - question

    Hey guys. This is my first time posting here so go easy! My group at uni has just been given an assignment to determine Young's Modulus and the Yield Stress of grey PVC, we have to make our own testing machine and record the results with a 95% or greater statistical confidence. Just curious has...
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    modulus of elasticity question

    Hello all, I got a wire made of stainless steel it's roughly 70 inches long its modulus of elasticity is 28000 ksi (kpsi) (from the wire is 5/16" in diameter I'm trying to figure out how much pull (in lbs) on the wire will cause it to stretch 0.572". Maybe stretching...
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    force constant and young's modulus

    For a uniform wire of force constanat k and Young modulus E is cut into two equal halves. If they are arranged side by side and are stretched together at the same time, what re the new force constant and the new Young modulus. The answer is that Force constant becomes 4k and Young modulus...
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    Elastic modulus

    An aluminium rod of cross-section 10 mm x 10 mm is stretched along its axis, changing length from 1.000 m to 1.001 m. The deformation is elastic, or fully recoverable. Given that the modulus of the aluminium is 70 GPa, the stress on the rod is? please don't give the answer but help me solve...