1. L

    Modern Astronomy

    Were the photographs of the Milky Way galaxy fabricated since the photographer would have to be more than 100 ly from the earth to take a photography of the Milky Way galaxy?
  2. F

    Teaching modern physics

    Why does nobody show the rather elegant way of deriving Planck's radiation law a la Bose. In several books I found a short derivation entitled "application of Bose Einstein statistics". But when it comes to computing the state density of the photons they resort to classical ED counting modes...
  3. S

    Modern Physics Multiple Choice Help

    For these 4 questions I know the right answer, I just would like a quick explanation why. Thanks! 1) In which one of the following experiments would evidence arise to support deBroglie's matter-wave theory? A: In diffracting a beam of electrons through a very small single slit. 2) In an...
  4. O

    A Question about Modern Physics

    7: Modern physics: a)(5pts) A space ship flies by you at a velocity of v = 0.99c in the x direction. You are sitting in a stationary space ship of the same size and length. What are the differences that will be observed between the apparent length of the moving space ship that you measure...
  5. M

    Modern Physics

    can anyone explain me about photon??
  6. O

    Special Relativity: From an Introduction to Modern Astrophysics by Carroll and Ostlie

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Because there is no such thing as absolute simultaneity, two observers in relative motion may disagree on which of two events A and B occurred first. Suppose, however, that an observer in reference frame S measures that event A...
  7. P

    modern physics...

    plz help!(Sweating) Q). A certain strain of bacteria doubles in number each 20 days. Two of these bacteria are placed on a spaceship and send away from earth for 1000 earth days. During this time the speed of the ship was 0.9950 c. How many bacteria would be aboard when the ship lands on the...
  8. P

    modern physics

    Q).Consider two light source of wavelength lambda1(lam1) and lambda2(lam2). (lam1>lam2) which are emitting n1 and n2 photons respectively,in a given time. Assume equal power for both the sources, then: n1>n2 or n2>n1 or n1=n2?? please anyone help me solving this and explaning...
  9. W

    Modern Physics Theory

    I am attempting to do this Modern Physics Homework and i cannot wrap my mind around these three questions: 34. Three observers located at E, F, and G are watching two bombs located close to Observers E and F. Both bombs explode simultaneously. Explain how the observers see the pattern of...
  10. W

    Need help with modern physics problem

    Its due tommorow and its a former AP Physics B free response questions. I appreciate any help. It comes with a diagram which I had to put in a different link. Diagram: Question: Electromagnetic radiation is incident on the surface...
  11. S

    Homework questions on quantum theory (blackbody radiation)

    Hello.. i need help with two homework questions if anyone would be so kind. I do not know where to begin on solving these questions. The questions are as follows: 1. If the angular frequencies of waves in a three-dimensional box of sides L generalize to: Ω = πc/L (nx²+ny²+nz²)^1/2 Where all n...
  12. topsquark

    Physics Resource Still More Common Equations - Optics and Modern Physics

    Here's the Optics (reflection, refraction, diffraction) and Modern Physics equations. -Dan