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    Mirrors! I need help I have a quiz tonight!

    I have a physics test tonight and I really need help with this one problem! This is what I've tried: Your sister is standing in front of a convex mirror, trying on ninja masks. The distances dsister is 46.9 inches. The distance from the mirror to the virtual image is 13.35 inches. What is the...
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    Problem with mirrors

    A small lamp suspended 250 cm above the water surface of a pool. The water depth is 200cm and the bottom of the pool is a large mirror. Where is the image of the lamp?
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    OK because my head has not exploded yet I have another question if you would be so kind to help again. When you are very close to a particular makeup/shaving mirror, you notice that your reflection is upright and enlarged. Later when you look from various distances across the room your...
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    help on mirrors and reflection

    Hey everyone im new at this s here goes: I have these questions that i have to hand in and ill be honest i cant make heads or tails of them. If anyone could help id really aprreciate as im tied up a little between college and work. i had to translate them form spanish to english so bare with...
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    Plane mirrors

    A man enters into a rectanglar room in which the ceiling , the floor, the door and the walls are al completely covered with large plane mirrors. How many images of himself can be seen by the man? A. 3 B. 6 C. 36 D.216 E.infinity (Devil)Should the answer be E? Thanks.
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    Unsolvable Question? Regarding Mirrors

    I got this question on a test and I think it is a completely unfair question... to me the way it is worded there is no way to positively determine an answer with the given information. Q) a) What type of mirror would you use to produce an upright image with magnification of 7.5 when an...