1. K

    Trying to work with Susskind's Theoretical Minimum book

    Trying to figure out the above question. Susskind states the relationship between certain state vectors when using a measuring apparatus to detect spins in certain directions. He comes up with: |r> = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |u> + \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |d> and |l> = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |u> -...
  2. J

    Statics problem - determine the minimum weight

    I have two balls in a tube one a top of another zig zag postioned determine the minimum weight at which the tube wont tip over r1=r2=120mm or 0.12m D=400mm=0.40m G=200N What I managed to get : r3=r1+r2=0.24m length between AB=D-r3=0.16m...
  3. M

    Maximum and minimum tensile stresses in a bar

    I'm currently having difficulty solving this problem. If anyone could offer any assistance i would greatly appreciate it :) A 60 mm diameter steel tie bar carries a pull of 100 kN offset at a distance of 5 mm from the axis of the bar. i) Calculate the maximum and minimum tensile...
  4. L

    minimum force needed

    is part C lack of information ? can someone give me a hint how to start ? for part a , -(1.35-0.95)(200cos60)-2(200sin60)=-386N(anticlockwise) for part b , -386.4/2 = 193N (in upward direction)
  5. L

    value of θ of first minimum

    please refer to the photo , i am having problem with part (a) my working is d sin θ = λ sin θ = λ /d , where d is the seperation between slits.. by plug in value of λ = 580x10^-9 and d =0.7X 10^-6 , i have my θ = 47 ° , the ans given is 56° why am i wrong?
  6. Z

    Minimum traversal time for given distance

    Hi everyone! :) For a search heuristic I need to calculate/estimate the shortest time it takes to move from point p0 to p1 - with given acceleration/deceleration, and possibly speed limits. Ultimately, all kinds of variables should be considered, speed and acceleration limits in all 6 local...
  7. H

    Finding minimum values for problems

    Hi guys, really stuck on this one. A 1000N black is to be lifted using a chain sling (as shown). If the tension in the chain sling is not to exceed 1300N, find the shortest sling ABC that can be used. A is the most left point, B is the most right point and C is the top point. I think i...
  8. N

    Finding minimum speed

    I need to think of more than one experiment to find the minimum velocity necessary to keep an object moving in a vertical circle (string with an object attached to it). Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. G

    Determining minimum time with maximum acceleration, retardation, and vel. not given.

    A car has maximum acceleration a1 and maximum retardation a2 and the maximum speed is V . Find the mimimum time taken to travel a distance s from rest to rest along a straight road when: (1) s < s_0 (2) and s > s_0 where: s_0 = V^2/2(1/a1+1/a2) OK I plotted a v/t graph for this but...
  10. E

    Minimum angle of resolution

    Minimum angle of resolution - units clarification A mouse has an pupil diameter of 2.5 mm. lying 200 meters from the mouse are two stones 30 cm apart. λ = 500 nm a) what angle do the stones subtend? b) what is the MAR (minimum angle of resolution) of the mouse's eye. I used the equations...
  11. A

    Minimum power

    Hey, guys. I have this guy trying to lift this cylinder pass the step with minimum force and so is the question, what's the minimum power that he needs to use and at what angle (alpha)? I also added the solution. The thing I don't understand is, why when the momentum of the weight and the...