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    Diffraction Gratings

    Mercury has visible optical spectral lines of wavelengths 422.729 and 422.787 nm. You have an apparatus that allows the light to fall on only 0.800 cm of a transmission diffraction grating. How many lines per cenrimeter does your diffraction grating need in order to resolve the third-order...
  2. W

    Mercury's Orbit

    I have been trying to understand Mercury's orbit and find statements to the effect that its orbit can't be defined by a single equation. If it isn't an ellipse, then what is it?
  3. P

    Tapering Mercury Barometer

    I am curious if the height of the Mercury column inside a Toricellian Mercury Barometer be the same if we use a tapering / stepped (unequal inner diameter) glass tube as depicted in the image below instead of a regular constant ID one? Note: I know that the ID of a barometer tube does not...
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    Tracking the Precession of Mercury's Orbit

    I didn't exactly know where to put this one, since it involves mechanics, circular motion, and General Relativity. To start off, I have to create a series of differential equations of motion to describe Mercury's orbit, then come up with another series to describe the effects another planet has...
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    Final Temperature of mercury

    I am stumped as to how to properly solve the second part of the following problem. I was able to solve the first part, but am in need of assistance for part "b". Thanks!! here is part a: How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 0.250 of water from 20.0 to 30.0? Using the...
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    Perihelion Precession of Mercury

    The Perihelion Precession of Mercury seems to have been measured to incredible accuracy well before modern telescopes came along. How was this precession identified? How was it determined to accuracy better than a few arc seconds per century? What is the modern technique for measuring it?
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    Mercury and Helium Wavelengths Spectra

    Can someone please post the wavelengths of Mercury and Helium for the colors purple, green, and orange? I need them to check for relative error for a lab and we were not given the accepted values.
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    capillary action: mercury depression

    hi guys, need some help for this question. a capillary of unknown internal radius was inserted into a pool of mercury into a pool of mercury. the height of mercury within the capillary was depressed 1.6cm below the free liquid. Calculate the internal diameter of the capillary. For the...