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    Math for balance physics formula

    No start as time means it. When every unit is 1 as balance, 1m/(sec^2)=1*a. 1m/sec=1*a*t, (1*v=1*a*t). (1/2)*a*(sec^2)=s. (a*t)*t=2*s. t=2*s. 1*s=1*v*t. 2*s=2*v*t, 2*v*t=2*s. 1=1. It is for balance formula 1+1=2.
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    People from Math Forums May Know Me

    Hi everyone! I am Monox D. I-Fly, or Monoxdifly. This forum looks really similar to MMF layout-wise (or does any basic V-Bulletin forum look like this?). I think some people here have known me from math forums. When I saw the Who's Online list I saw some familiar names like topsquark and...
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    to discuss the gap between math and physics?

    The Appropriate Mathematics to Explain Cosmos(Physics) In my first article Mathematics In the Eyes of God, I think that the mathematics people used to explain cosmos(physics)might somewhat deviate from the real cosmos(physics). Let’s talk about a straight line in cosmos. People have two...
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    Does the particle behave according to the math of quantum mechanics prior to downconv

    watch free movies online, latest action movies, unsteady lyrics An entangled pair behave deterministically in terms of classical mechanics and Bell's Inequality applies to the pair. Does the mathematics of classical or quantum mechanics apply to the original particle that is downconverted into...
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    Physics Software Engineering Math or Engineering Physic?

    Which is more interesting and beneficial among Engineering Math and Engineering Physic?
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    PhD in Math or in Math Education?

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie here to this forum. I would like to get some opinion from any of you who reads my forum. First of all, let me start by saying that I really enjoy Math and Stats. I am not so much or a word person. I earned a BSc in Statistics and MSc in Mathematics (General)...
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    Railgun Math Simulator

    Hey all Im a second year engineering student bored as hell in the second week of a 3 month vacation. So i decided to try and build a small railgun capable of launching a projectile(20-40g) to about 400km/h. Attached is a excel file. It is a sort of simulation. Cells in Blue must be typed in...
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    Need help with math for theory

    I need help with the math to prove or disprove my theory. What I have is simplistic and incomplete. Please look at my attachment for my idea. The math should follow Einstein's equations. Thank you for your help and or input. I think it would help if we started with the four common vectors wrap...
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    Below or above the horizontal! help asap

    Im taking grade 11 physics. Currently we are doing vectors in 2D. i understand everything except when the angel is above or below the horizontal? I also dont understand when you know if the angle is above or below the horizontal. PLEASE HELP! test tomorrow :)
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    Physics/Geometry Mix

    I wish i could have started on them but i absolutely have no clue. 1) A flat circular plate of copper has a radius of 0.169 m and a mass of 35.8 kg. What is the thickness of the plate? Answer in units of m. SA*V=Thickness???? 2) If 2 micrometeorites (a sphere with a diameter of 1e−6 m)...
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    MCAT Physics Math - Pulley System

    Please view attached file that shows part of the book’s calculation to pulley system question. I understand all the physics theory behind the question and answer, but I am lost on the math. 1) I would like to know what is the name of the math theory where you can just add two different physics...
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    Math Help Forum Inaccessible

    Hi, The math help forum is inaccessible from home and from work and I really need some help with some statistics. Is there a problem with the site at the moment. Apparently they may be denying access for some reason. Thanks Regards Craig.
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    Is my Math ok?

    Just need to know if the math is ok. It's good i think to check work like this with alot of people, because someone might see something another won't. F_g=-▼φM_g (1) (F_gvt)²=-▼²φ²(ћ(c/G))_g v²t² (2) M²=ћ(c/G) (3) ћc=GM² (4) β=v/c (5) pc=E(v/c) (6) i²=ξ=+1 (7) |(∫F_g...
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    strong math and physics

    hi. i wanna make my math and physics strong .does anyone has any suggestions how to understand these subjects deeply? thanks
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    What math inbetween?

    Can anyone explain how does the entropy ends up as a denominator? dq=Tds=>\int_{i}^{f}dq=\int_{i}^{f}Tds aproximately equal to \overline{T}\int_{i}^{f}ds<=>\overline{T}=\frac{_iq_f}{s_f-s_i} Where \overline{T} is the average temperature. i - beginning, f - end.
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    Recommend me Math Cources for Physics Major

    My Univ requires at least: Calc I Calc II Calc III and Intro to Differential Equations (which is ODE) I was recommended to take Applied Linear Algebra but I took Linear Algebra as it counts for my Math major too. My univ also offers Linear Algebra II however, I don't want to take it unless...
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    A car travels at a uniform velocity of 20 m/s for 5s.The brakes are then applied and the car comes to rest with uniform retardation in a further 8 s.How far does the car travel after brakes are applied????
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    heellpp i cant figure out the math of a rollar coaster

    i cant figure out speed accelleration velocity any of that stuff i have the tallest point-171m radius of loop-40m 360 degree turn-75.4m weight of each car-400 kg i need help with this stuff fast please