1. A

    How Griffiths has got the components of the current?

    I'm leaning Magnetostatics from Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J. Griffiths, we are calculating the magnetic field that an ideal toroid would create. Here are the images from the book My doubt is how he got $\mathbf I = \langle I_s \cos \phi ', I_s...
  2. I

    Build up magnetic charge on skin?

    Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to attach two electrodes to my skin, about an inch apart from one another, and somehow flow current between the two so that that length of skin builds up sufficient magnetic charge to be attracted to a nearby (e.g., within 1 inch of skin) magnet. My goal is...
  3. K

    Magnetic field of a spinning electron?

    What sort of magnetic field does a stationary spinning electron have? Is it the same as the magnetic field of a rotating sphere or spherical shell?
  4. G

    Magnetic forces and Magnetic fields Homework (in need of help ASAP)

    hi! I really need help in solving this problem. i do not know hot to get the y and z components of the magnetic field vector. who can help me please? A 2.5 nC particle of mass 5.25x10^-6 kg moves through a uniform magnetic field of 7.5 T directed down at 30 degrees in the y-z plane. find the...
  5. P

    Question about perminant magnetic fi induced in steel plates by current carrying wire

    I'm relatively new to picking up advanced physics as a hobby, currently on special relativity and field theory, and I was hoping to help explain something to my brother. He's interested in a phenemonon possibly discovered by someone living in florida in the 20-50s named Ed Leedskalnin, who...
  6. T

    Balanced complete magnetic Torus

    Hi truth seekers Watch this until 11:11 OO_EoqnabQ8 ..and welcome to flat earth _____________________________________ And if it is not enough to blow your mind. This will certainly help: Hi, this is the most important message I have ever sent. I'm sure you are an open minded...
  7. N

    Earth's magnetic field strength using Galvanometer

    I have deleted my post due to lack of reply/interest.
  8. Blaze

    concentrated magnetic field

    Hi I want to make a strong magnetic field using electricity. and concentrate it in a small point. I can't use a core other than air. (actually the core will be plasma) I have to implement a tube with a very big length-diameter ratio. so the best applicable procedure I think is : make...
  9. H

    What do the "directions" of a magnetic field mean

    Hi ok so I have an emf scanner on my phone and it shows 3 axes, x y and z. A: What do those mean about the magnetic field? And also, B: why does the scanner drop down to near 5 or 1 µT (average is 40-50 µT) at random spots in the wall or ground?
  10. F

    help with magnetic momentum and particule in a field

    Sigh..... so 2 books, later, a few points under passing grade, and after getting no response from the online teacher , i spent the last 2 days diving in electricity maths books, and still manage to get wrong answers....what gives!!! plz help!! i need to get these right...
  11. C

    What is the magnitude of the magnetic field?

    ok this is my overleaf file but not sure how to solve this mahalo much(Cool)
  12. C

    what magnitude of uniform magnetic field are needed

    $\textsf{ You wish to hit a target from several meters away with a charged coin having a mass of $4.2 g$ and charge of $+2400 \, \mu C$}\\$ $\textsf{The coin is given an initial velocity of $14.0 \, m/s$, and a downward uniform electric field strenght $29 \, N/C$ exists throuhout the...
  13. K

    Direction of Magnetic Field

    Hello, I'm a bit confused on determining the direction of the magnetic field in the attached image. From what I understand, for the top wire, the magnetic field points into the page. For the bottom wire, the magnetic field points out of the page. But what is the direction of the magnetic...
  14. A

    Magnetic field inside

    What happens to the magnetic field inside this solenoid, if you double the number of revolutions, simultaneously stretching the solenoid twice as much as the original length? Suppose that the applied voltage was kept constant, and the additional wire length for additional turns of the coil did...
  15. O

    hypothesis of magnetic particles

    hi i'm on here because I need help with a hypothesis on mine The hypothesis is that everything is a magnet or electromagnet and is traveling about in different ways now I believe it is a pyramid shaped magnet that wouldn't be able to join with other magnets as it would tilt and the bases would...
  16. C

    Loop of wire falling out of a magnetic field.

    I am struggling on finding the time it takes the loop of wire to completely leave the field in part a. I have found the differential equation of motion to me dv/dt+at=g where a is a constant determined to be a=826.72. I found the solution of the DE to be v(t)=g/a(1-e^(-at)) I have tried...
  17. T

    Magnetic flux density and temperature

    Hello everyone! I am new in the forum; and I am currently studying physics at the high school level. I have a little problem... and I would greatly appreciate any help that you could provide me; The thing is; I have to do an investigation on the relationship between magnetic flux density...
  18. V

    Magnetic flux density and susceptibility

    What is the relation between magnetic suscptibility and magnetic flux density. How can I know how much gauss I will need to attarct a mineral/oxide of given magnetic suscptibilty ?
  19. M

    How can I measure high magnetic fields?

    Hello! I've made a lot of research about measurement of high magnetic fields - such us 1T - 2T and I can't find sensors for this range. I'm looking for a hall sensor with which I will be able to measure 1T magnetic field with good accuracy - about 0.1 mT. Do you know about anything like that...
  20. S

    Magnetic Susceptibility Question?

    Hi guys, If anyone can help me out with the following question I would be absolutely wrapped!!! The magnetic susceptibility of lets say a paramagnetic material placed within a magnetic field is given as follows: X=Bi/Bo, where, X is the magnetic susceptibility of the material...