1. F

    Finding the electric field along the line between charges

    Hey So I've been asked this question as part of my physics assignment (Its an advanced section question so significantly harder than the normal questions) and I've been stuck, my intuition tells me there should be two zero points, and initially I found a formula that only found one, however...
  2. P

    Time line as relativity

    When rocket fly from the start point and meet the start point again as line, this means one term of time is ended. And when rocket move straight line forward, rocket can never meet the start point again. But when the rocket move forward straight line and backward straight line, it is the fast...
  3. S

    Compass not show fault on a high-voltage line

    Hello, I have a question: Why does the compass not show fault on a high-voltage line even though it is surrounded by a magnetic field?
  4. S

    Wondering About Racing Line

    Have only just last night found these forums and appreciate the opportunity to post and ask true experts if they might help, even tho I am a physics idiot and will probably embarrass myself with pre-Newtonian ignorance of what is appropriate here and where if at all my interest could be...
  5. L

    load line & diode response

    here's part of the explaination from wikipedia. Can someone pls explain what're load line and diode response? IT's not explained here.
  6. P

    The line formula

    Still today, the line of object is explained by philosophy as monistic and dualism or just quantum physics. So the philosophy is like the relativity formula until today. But I can understand the line as the figure and shape of the things. The shape of each line nonsense and just puzzle so...
  7. P

    The line of object for relativity

    When the line is longer, it means the measurement is increased. So when the line of object is shorter, it is decreased. So when the line is smaller, it goes to zero to be disappeared. But the line cannot disappear truly to zero as there is no Black hole.(But someday as eschatology) It means...
  8. C

    Equation of the line intercepting two planes

    I have two equations of planes . Lets say ax + by + cz = k and dx +ey + fz = k' When solving these two equations I should get an equation for a line. Now if I assume z = t then I can find x, y in terms of t parameter. That will give me a parametric equation for the line. But the problem is...
  9. F

    The longest way to move on straight line

    Hello people, Here's one ive been strugling on for a while: Problem: ---------- An object moves on a straight line, of a length D. Starts with zero velocity and ends with U. Its acceleration can not increase, but may decrease or remain the same. What should be a(t) (or a(x)), so it...
  10. topsquark

    Posting more than one line in LaTeX

    We have had an issue in some posts where we go over the 5 image limit. (I'd ask for this limit to be extended, but I don't want to waste my breath.) Fortunately there is a solution thanks to Moo over on MHF. The solution uses the "array" command: \begin{array}{lll} x^2 + y^2 = r^2 \\ x =...
  11. Y

    Please help in vector potential involve line integral with log.

    This is a new question, I am just using the old thread because the tittle applys. I want to find the vector potential A at origin due to a current segment I(t)=kt flowing along x axis from -b<x<-a where b>a. This mean from -b to -a on the left of the origin. I did not write...
  12. F

    Straight Line Kinematics problem.

    Hi all. A car accelerates along a straight road from rest to 75km/h in 5 seconds. What is the magnitude of it's average acceleration? Im really struggling with this and i dont know why.... Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    Diode load line question

    hi everyone, i cant figure out this question, the image is attached. The question is: A diode I-V characteristic is shown in Fig.1. This diode is connected in a circuit as shown in Fig. 2. Find (a) Diode current and voltage across load resistance. (b) Power dissipated in the diode...
  14. R

    Find the best racing line in a circuit

    Hello folks! How can we find the best racing line to drive in a circuit in order to do the best lap time? :) I know this is a HUGE AND COMPLEX problem, so I want to simplify this issue making some highly irrealistic assumptions: if I solve the easiest (and quite irrealistic) problem, then I...
  15. C

    motion along a line

    Hello, I'm working on this problem: I know that an object is speeding up if and only if v and a point in the same direction. So, I think the answer would be the last two, e.g., Is this correct?
  16. M

    straight line motion

    Motion along a straight line with an initial position of x0=10 m, what is the position at 2 seconds, at 6 seconds, at 8 seconds? I would like help with this problem as soon as possible thanks
  17. C

    Uniform line charge of linear charge density + E field

    A uniform line charge of linear charge density 9.0 nC/m extends from x=1m to x=5m. What is the total charge on the line?
  18. S

    Question regarding Dynamics 1:Motion Along a Line

    A machine has an 800 g steel shuttle that is pulled along a square steel rail by an elastic cord. The shuttle is released when the elastic cord has 20N tension at a 45 degree angle. What is the initial acceleration of the shuttle? I'm not quite sure how to approach this problem, if anyone...
  19. M

    straight line motion

    I have a jet leaving an aircraft carrier from a dead stop. I know the length and the speed and given that the acceleration is constant. I need to calculate acceleration and calculate time. I did (ending speed)/2 which gave me the avg V. I'm not really sure where to take this?
  20. S

    dynamics of a particle moving in a staright line or plane

    Hi, i need help on this as it only gives one variable. a boy is tobogganing down a smooth slope inclined at 20degrees to the hortizonal. Find his acceleration, assuming resistances can be neglected. Thx.