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    Help calculating power required to lift a mass

    Hello, I realize that this is a Physics 101 pop quiz problem, but it's been 45 years since I was in Physics 101 I'm trying to figure out what size of a 12VDC motor to purchase to perform the following work. I have a 40 Kg tool that I want to lift 30cm within 60 seconds. If you need the length...
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    Can a Thruster that uses geomagnetic fields and superconductors generate lift?

    Can a thruster using geomagnetic fields and superconductors generate a thrust? As shown in the figure, the thruster is equipped with a geomagnetic field convergence layer, which is a superconducting material. The geomagnetic field convergence layer repels and blocks the magnetic flux of the...
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    Lift a hemispherical dome on a level surface filled with water by rotating it

    Hi, I have this problem where I am asked to find out which angular velocity I need to have to lift this 30 tons heavy dome with a hole on the top. I have attached a sketch and how I tried to solve it, but i get the wrong answer. Right answer is 1,95 rad/s. Thanks
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    Moving mass of lift exponentially

    (Edit: title should be 'Moving mass of lift increases exponentially) Hi all, I need some help understanding something, but to give you some quick background I am doing a final project on my access course at college on how tall can you build a skyscraper. A problem engineers face is the issue...
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    Buoy Lift II

    Here we lift the buoy again but with a different system. More fun. Right? (the link is valid). | THERMO Spoken Here! JP...
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    Buoy Lift I

    A crane hoists a buoy from the sea. Here is a fun problem. Right? Buoy Lift I | THERMO Spoken Here! Enjoy... JP
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    Hydrodynamic lift - sorting out the forces at work

    Hello! I´m writing a master's thesis about sediment transport. I´m not a physicist. Upon trying to describe the forces at work as a particle is lifted off the bed of a river I ran into some trouble. After searching through several books on the topic all I've realized is that there seems to be...
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    Car lift - what parts bear most weight

    I have a vehicle lift at my house. It is a 2 post model that bolts to the floor. Each post has 2 arms that reach to the forward and rear of the car on each side. The vehicle sits on steel pads at the end of each arm. Once the vehicle is lifted via hydraulic rams, the arms may be rested in...
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    Forces and Acceleration

    I'm having trouble with this problem: When you lift a package with a force of 82 N, the package accelerates upward at a rate of a. If, instead, you lift with a force of 93 N, the package now has an acceleration of 5 a. 1) Find the weight of the object: 2) Find the...
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    Power and Friction of Skier on Lift

    I dont know an equation that uses the coefficient of friction, PLEASE HELP me get this problem started! A 70 kg skier grips a moving rope that is powered by an engine and is pulled at constant speed to the top of a 25 hill. The skier is pulled a distance x = 230 m along the incline and it...
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    work done to lift a body

    W=\frac{1}{2}F_R\cdot{R} Am I approaching the problem correctly? Thanks.