1. TyrannosaurusWreck

    Latent Heat

    One more question- How much heat is required to change 1.83 kg of solid lead at 135°C to liquid lead at 327°C? I'm assuming I have to use both the equations, Q=cm△T and Q=Lf*m. I wasn't sure how to go about it so I solved Q=Lf*m and got 4.28e4, then used it for Q=4.28e4(192) and got...
  2. P

    Specific latent heat and heat capacity

    0.1g of ice was added to a lemonade of mass 330g at an initial temperature of 28 degree celcius and it completely melted. Considering only the lemonade and ice cubes, calculate the final temperature of the lemonade. Given: specific latent heat of fusion of ice= 336000 J/Kg specific...
  3. A

    Specific latent heat of fusion

    See the diagram. The diagram shows the cooling curve of a substance which starting as a liquid solidifies. Obtain the value of the specific latent heat of fusion of the substance: room temperature 20 deg, slope of tangent to curve at 70deg=10K/min, specific heat capacity of liquid = 2.0*10^3...
  4. A

    Latent heat of evaporation

    A pupil performing an experiment finds that when the heat supply is 16W, it takes 30 minutes for the temperature of the water to rise from 20deg to 100deg, and the rate of evaporation is very slow even at the latter temperature. Estimate an upper limit to the value of the heat capacity of the...
  5. A

    Specific latent heat of fusion of ice

    Ice at 0deg is added to 200g of water at 70deg in a vacuum flask. When 50g of ice has been added and all has melted the temperature of the flask and contents is 40deg. When a further 80g of ice is added and all has melted, the temperature of the whole is 10deg. Calculate the specific latent heat...
  6. T

    Latent heat

    You are given 2.5 102 g of coffee (same specific heat as water) at 70.0°C. In order to cool this to 60.0°C, how much ice (at 0.0°C) must be added? Neglect heat content of the cup and heat exchanges with the surroundings. I assume you would have to do something like the mass times the heat...
  7. E

    Specific and Latent Heat Problem

    hi guys hoping someone can help me here... M grams of a hot solid is placed on a piece of ice, causing m grams of ice to melt. what is the final temperature (Tf) of the system? what is the initial temperature (Ti) of the hot solid? based on the following values provided.. M = 250g m = 48g...
  8. S

    Latent heat of fusion

    How much ice at 0C must be added to 100g water at 30C in order to reduce its temperature to 20C.(The latent heat of fusion of water is 80 cal/g.) Please explain in detail as much as possible thanks :)
  9. C

    latent heat of fusion

    Hello everyone, Could someone please tell me if this looks correct to you? 4. Imagine that you have a 1.0 g cube of ice at -30.0C. How much energy do you need to melt this ice cube? The specific heat capacity of ice is 2,090J/kgC. Latent heat of fusion of water is 3.33X10^5J/kg. Specific...