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    Energy in a crash

    Hello! I've been intrigued by the following question for a while now and I was hoping you could help me out :) Two cars are driving 36 km/h and are coming from opposite directions. (like this: car 10m/s --> <-- car 10 m/s) They each weigh 1000 kg. Then they crash. What is the relative...
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    Predicting the vertical/horizontal/mediolateral force of an animal walking underwater

    Hello, This may be an incredibly simple question, but I am looking for some help to clarify things for me. I am a researcher interested in animal locomotion. Currently, I am working on a project collecting single limb force data (vertical, horizontal, and mediolateral substrate reaction force...
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    A ball is thrown straight up from the ground with a speed of 40. m/s. The ball eventually returns to the ground. Approximately how much time will the ball spend in the air ?