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    Time until it stops moving

    Object with mass "m" is moving in an horizontal plane surface with initial velocity of magnitude v_0. The object is subject to a friction force with magnitude F= bxv where b is positive constant, x is the space the object has travelled and v its speed. a) Find the space the object travelled...
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    Homework Practice Help

    Hello all, I am nearly done my Kinematics homework and just need help with two more questions which I have tried countless times to complete on my own. Any help would be very appreciated. Please be aware I am a student taking Physics for the first time. These are the following questions...
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    A Problem Kinematics "Physics for scientists and engineers"

    Hello everyone, An object of mass (m) sliding on a circular orbit of radius (r) which has a L shaped cross section. There is no friction on the bottom base but there is kinetic friction (μ) between the object and the side wall. At the time (t=0 sec) the magnitude of velocity is Uo. I need...
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    How to solve this question

    A football player kicks for a field goal 30.91m from the posts. The ball is kicked with a speed of 18.6 m/s at an angle of 45 degrees above horizontal a) how long will it take the ball reaches the posts b) how high will it be when it goes through the posts c) What is the magnitude of the...
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    Kinematics IB question, explanation needed

    Could someone please explain (c) and (d) in the question below and attachment. When I tried, I got 735 N, but that isn't the right answer. Thanks in advance for the help. 51 The diagram shows a person in an elevator pulling on a rope that goes over a pulley and is attached to the top of...
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    Motion in One Dimesion: The tortoise and the Hare Race Kinematics

    A turtle and a rabbit engage in a footrace over a distance of 4.00km. The rabbit runs 0.500km and then stops for a 90min nap. Upon awakening, he remembers the race and runs twice as fast. Finishing the course in a total time of 1.75h, the rabbit wins the race. A) Calculate the avg speed of...
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    Need help with this question regarding kinematics.

    A ball is traveling at 3m/s then bounces off of a tennis racket and returns at 2m/s. If the ball is in contact with the racket for 12ms, what is the average acceleration? I converted 12ms to 0.012s. Then I listed what is known in the problem. The initial velocity is 3m/s and the final...
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    Need help with this question regarding kinematics.

    a) A ball is thrown in the -y direction off of a cliff with a velocity of 7m/s. If the ball takes 1.45s to reach the ground, how high off of the ground is the cliff? (Answer: -20m) Im not getting -20m for some reason when i plug in the numbers. Known: A=-9.8m/s^2 T=1.45s...
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    A question on physics kinematics

    The velocity of a particle moving in the positive direction I of the x axis varies as v=a*root of x,where a is a +'ve constant .assuming that at moment t=0 the particle was located at the point x=0.find: A)the time dependence of the velocity and acceleration of the particle
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    No need to help
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    1D Kinematics

    Motion An object falls a distance h from rest. If it travels half the height h in the last 1.00 s, find: (a) the time (b) the height h of its fall. (c) Explain the physically unacceptable solution of the quadratic equation in t that you obtain. I am trying to use the: {y=y(initial) +...
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    Vehicle Kinematics

    Hi all - In the Near Eastern Late Bronze Age the Egyptians employed a two-man chariot with the axle placed at the rear of the vehicle; whereas the Hittites employed a three-man chariot with the axle placed in the center of the vehicle. As a result, the weight of the two-man crew in the...
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    Derivation of Equations of Motion in Kinematics

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    Can anyone help me solve this problem related to gear trains

    Im trying to solve this problem but just not getting it. Below is the problem.
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    Forward and Inverse Kinematics

    Imagine that you have a robot that is similar to a wrist with its first two axes. Then, at the end of the second link, you have a translational third link that is orthogonal to the plane that the second link is on. That is, if the zero position for the first two links is in the X-Z plane, the...
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    Inverse Kinematics

    Is some able to give me a clue for parts 2 and 3? Discuss the meaning of the following possibilities when you are solving the inverse kinematics equation of a robot analytically. (a) The solution for an angle is a complex/imaginary number. Robot cannot reach destination (b) You don’t get...
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    Predicting the vertical/horizontal/mediolateral force of an animal walking underwater

    Hello, This may be an incredibly simple question, but I am looking for some help to clarify things for me. I am a researcher interested in animal locomotion. Currently, I am working on a project collecting single limb force data (vertical, horizontal, and mediolateral substrate reaction force...
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    Help with practice exam

    I have an exam coming up and I don't even know where to begin with this problem. Any help is appreciated A teacher rides in an elevator that moves upwards at a constant velocity and holds a set keys 1.00m above the floor of the elevator. After 2.00 seconds of moving upwards from the...
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    Kinematics problem

    Andy leaves the science building at a speed of 1.6 m/s, heading for the Student Center 50 meters away. He spots Beth 12 meters ahead of him, also walking toward the Student Center but moving at a steady rate of 1.2 m/s. He immediately begins accelerating toward her at 0.20 m/s2. Where and when...
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    How about clearing the Concepts on kinematics for begineers

    DMNyweKEdr4 Must watch for physics lovers