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    Moving garden hose - why does the water travel shorter distance

    We all know a garden hose. Keeping is stationary it has a certain throw length based on nozzle exit velocity and angle of the nozzle. If you start swinging/rotating the hose e.g. in the horizontal plane, then the throw length decreases significantly - but what are the physics behind this and can...
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    Impact of a jet of water

    Hi, I would like some help with the following problem: "A jet of water issues from a nozzle, of diameter h_1=0,102 m (and depth b=1 m), at a speed U_1=2,02 m/s. The jet strikes a flat plate of mass M=2,05 kg, as shown in figure, and it breaks into two jets of equal speed and diameter h_2=0,122...
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    The Jet Engine

    Good morning everyone, I had several questions regarding basic thermodynamics. After going to Paris Airshow (Le Bourget), lot's of questions came to my mind after looking at those beautiful Jet engines... I have always had a very basic understanding on these engines: a fan, a compressor...
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    Jet engine Brayton Cycle help

    Can anyone help me find the errors in this real cycle h-s diagram of a jet engine? I attached the image. Thank you!
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    Jet making round trip

    Problem: A jet takes off from airport A and flies to airport B. The distance between the airports is 571.1 miles(903). After a 1.00hr layover, the jet returns to airport A. The total time for the round trip (including layover) is 3.50hr. The southbound trip from airport B to airport A takes...
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    Effect of orifice diameter on force of water jet

    Just realised I posted this in the high school section. (While the question is quite basic, I thought due to the practical application, it might be better here) I am working on a job in wastewater treatment which involves rotary arms which distributes water onto filter media (Trickling...
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    Can noise, from a few seconds of low flying jet, arrive at my position all at once?

    it was hard to ask this question in such a short title, sorry This question has been in my mind for decades. When I lived in Wales, the hilly terrain was used for training by RAF fighter jets which would cross a hill about 4k away, and do what appeared to be a mock bombing run on our large...
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    Coefficient of velocity

    Hi there! I have done an experiment to calculate the coefficient of velocity of a jet flow through an orifice, and I got results with an interesting pattern. So I have done the experiment with two different heads and orifice sizes and got the following results for the coefficient of velocity...
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    Impact Of jet (help)

    Hey ! everyone iam all new to this forum so sorry if i make any mistakes ! we ve been asked to calculate the flux during the impact of jet experiment in the lab , here is a picture of what i need to calculate the h (height/width of the water when impacting on the surface), knowing that the...
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    Quasar jet stream data

    I am so sorry for the first video(s) you saw of me asking this question. I had quit smoking and was suffering extreme withdrawal. Here is a better video of the hypothesis Quasar jet streams (QJS) have been exhibiting Faster than light motion since...
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    jet airliner

    A jet airliner moving at 500 mph due east moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 120 mph in a direction 30.0° north of east. What is the new velocity and direction of the aircraft?