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    Isothermal problem help

    This is a problem from Thermodynamics by Faires and Simmang: There are 2.27 kg/min of steam undergoing an isothermal process from 27.6 bar tp 6.9 bar at 316C. Find: a. ΔS, b. Q, c. W(nf), and d. W(sf) with ΔP=0 and ΔK=+42 kJ/min. Here are the answers it has given: a. 1.6 kJ/(K min) b. 942...
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    Heat absorption in reversible isothermal expansion

    2kgs (total mass) of steam goes through a revesible isothermal expansion at 500 degrees celcius. During the expansion the pressure drops from 300 kpa to 200 kpa What is the heat absorbed by the steam during this process? I guess that steam cannot be assumed to be ideal which makes the...
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    Isentropic or Isothermal?

    Hi, I am not sure how to engage this particular problem, because I do not know if I can assume that the process is isentropic or isothermal: A cylinder with adiabatic walls is filled with an ideal gas, separated in the middle with an adiabatic piston that can move frictionless. Initially...