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    Magnetic field inside

    What happens to the magnetic field inside this solenoid, if you double the number of revolutions, simultaneously stretching the solenoid twice as much as the original length? Suppose that the applied voltage was kept constant, and the additional wire length for additional turns of the coil did...
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    Why is the electric field inside the dielectric cancelling?

    So, I was studying force between the plates of a capacitor when a dielectric is inserted. Here is my question Shouldn't it be like this picture below So, why is my teacher saying that the electric field inside the dielectric cancelling...
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    Kinematics: moving car with person inside At the time $t_0 = 0$ a train starts to accelerate from rest and person starts to walk inside the train from point A to point B (distance d). The acceleration of the train is given as a function of the distance covered: $a_T(s) =...
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    charge inside the conductor

    what does it exactly mean " charge enclosed by conductor" ? Whereas we know that charges only resides on the surface of the sphere.
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    Does Fermat principle explain refraction inside water?

    A light ray is the fastest route between two points P and Q,but what if Q is at the bottom of the sea so that light cannot reach it?
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    Gravitational force inside the earth

    I read the proof that for a thin spherical shell with mass M, the potential energy U for a point mass m inside the shell is constant (depending only on the radius R of the shell) and thus the gravitational force on m is 0 at any point inside the shell. Then they talk about a point mass inside...
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    Pressure inside a bladder when subjected to an outside liquid pressure

    I have an elastic bladder that is charged with 300 psi gage pressure of a nitrogen gas inside the bladder, at atmospheric pressure outside the bladder. This is being used as a pulsation dampner for a liquid dye pulsing pump. If I subject that bladder to a liquid dye pressure of 25 psi gage...
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    Electric field inside non-uniform shells

    Consider a spherical shell where the charge is distributed only on the outer surface of the shell but the charge is not uniformly distributed. Is the electric field zero everywhere inside the shell? explain why. Sky
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    Pressure inside a tank

    A rigid tank of volume 83 m3 contains 100 kg of H2O at 100oC. The tank is heated until the temperature inside reaches 120oC. Determine the pressure inside the tank at (a) the beginning and (b) the end of the heating process.
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    Calculation of pressure inside cylindrical vessel

    Hi I need to know the pressure inside a sealed cylindrical vessel which has following parameters a) thickness of wall and bases = p b) dia of base = d c) height of cylinder = h d) height of liquid filled inside cylinder = g e) surrounding temp = T f) thermal conductivity of cylinder material =...
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    electric field inside a conducting sphere

    Greetings everyone!! electric field intensity inside a conducting sphere set by an external source is 0. (I guess first there will be a charge distribution on the surface of the sphere due to induction. the electric field set up by these induced charges will cancel the electric field due to...
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    Why electrons can't remain inside the nucleus?

    I am trying to solve this question," Why electrons can't remain inside the nucleus?"I am trying to mention three points here- 1.Nuclear size 2.Nuclear spin 3.Nuclear magnetic moment For the third part,I think I am pretty clear about it since the magnetic moment of electron is 1836 times greater...
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    Force Inside a Solenoind

    Hello I'm working on a personal project which involves a solenoid. I'm trying derive an equation for the Force(N) that an object would experience due to the flux density inside the coil. The flux density can be calculated relatively easily by the fallowing equation. Given the material...