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    Support reactions for a beam at an incline

    img: Hello I have a problem with calculating the support reactions for a beam. Lefts side of beam has a pin connection so it takes both Fx, Fy. Right side of the beam has a horizontal roller and it takes only Fy in the direction of the wall. Therefore at the pin...
  2. C

    Box w/ horizontal force up incline w/ friction

    Alright, I have spent the last 9 hours trying to figure out how on earth I am supposed to determine the horizontal force in this problem. I've got to be missing something obvious. I know that the answer to...
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    Ring rolling up an incline

    Not sure if I did this correctly, just looking for someone to check my answers. A ring with a radius of 280 cm and mass of 23.4 kg is rolling on a horizontal surface with a velocity of 16.2 m/s. The ring starts to roll up an incline that has an angle of 18 degrees to the horizontal. Friction...
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    Blocks on an incline with friction

    The problem states "An aluminum block of mass m1 = 2kg and a copper block of mass m2 = 6kg are connected by a light string over a frictionless pulley. They sit on a steel surface, where θ = 30°." The static coefficient of friction Ms1 = 0.61, and Ms2 = 0.53. Here is the diagram: Imgur: The...
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    Incline into projectile-help?!

    sled goes down a 100m incline of 14degrees with friction, mass of sled and rider = 95.0kg; at the bottom of the ramp you go into a bank then 2d projection motion-launching at 42degrees and landing 12m away; what is the sled's coefficient of kinetic friction?
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    The four forces of an incline pull?

    So my instructor gave us a question involving pulling a large box up an incline. he wanted us to identify the forces at work on pulling it up. He said there is only four, but so far, I counted six: Gravitational Force, Normal Force, Perpendicular Force, Parallel Force, Friction Force, and...
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    Skier down an incline

    A skier's speed at the bottomg of a 100m long, frictionless snow-covered slope is 20m/s. What is the angle of the slope? I am having trouble trying to set up the problem. I am assuming he starts from rest so his initial velocity is zero. I am also not sure how to make my axis for this problem...
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    Block on incline plane with two coefficient of frictions given?

    I wrote a test last week with a question that has been bugging me.. There was a block weighing 400kg on an inclined plane, 30 degrees to the horizontal. It said to find the max PULL force to keep the block from: Sliding up the incline (10 marks) Sliding down the incline (10 marks) There...
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    force on incline driving me nuts.

    the problem - a 5kg block rests on a 30 degree incline. the coefficient of static friction between the block and the incline is 0.20. how large a horizontal force must push on the block if the block is to be on the verge of sliding (a) up the incline and (b) down the incline. Answers = (a)...
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    Truck on incline - friction

    A truck is traveling down a 15º incline. The truck then begind to break (decelerate) at a rate of 4 m/s. A crate sits on top of the truck bed..Determine the coefficient of friction to keep the crate from sliding on the truck bed. If the truck were to accelerate up a 15º incline at 4m/s^2 would...
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    Incline problem

    A motorcycle and 60.6 kg rider accelerate at 3.5 m/s2 up a ramp inclined 7.3° above the horizontal. What are the magnitude of (a) the net force on the rider and (b) the force on the rider from the motorcycle? I'm going to use F1 = force that is making the rider go up, which is exerted from...
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    Dynamics @ incline plane

    A package is at rest on an ramp when a force is applied to it. Determine the force if 4 s is required for the package to move 10m up. Mass, angles, static and kinetic friction are given but I don't understand what the "4 s" is.
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    Book sliding on an incline problem

    There is a 1.0 kg book on an incline that is connected by a string to a 500 gram coffee cup. The cup is hanging off the end of the incline, dangling in air at a 90 degree angle with the floor. The book is given a push up the slope and released with a speed of 3.0 m/s. The coefficient of...
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    [SOLVED] Incline Help

    A car is parked near a cliff overlooking the ocean on an incline of 20.7 degrees with the horizontal. The car rolls from rest down the incline and has a velocity of 7 m/s when it reaches the edge of the cliff. The cliff is 35.5 m above the ocean. How far is the car from the base of the cliff...
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    [SOLVED] Incline, boxes and rope...URGENT

    Two boxes m_1=1.0 kg with a friction coefficient of 0.10, and m_2=2.0 kg with a coefficient of 0.20, are placed on a plane inclined at 30 degrees. (a) What acceleration does each box experience? (I can do this part) (b) If a taut string is connected to the boxes with m_2 initially farther...
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    Newtonian Mechanics - Block on Incline

    First of all, I have read the rules - I have no attempt on this problem and I'm not asking for a complete solution. I just need some guidance on how to approach this problem. I'm given an incline of 36.9 degrees and a horizontal force F (it's directed at the leg of the incline, not the block)...
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    Incline plane question

    I have attached the question
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    Question on incline

    Hi everyone A rock is at rest on an inclined surface. Explain why the rock is able to stay at rest on the inclined surface. Is it because of inertia???? the resistance of an object towards change...? pls advise,im revising for my final exam....thank you.
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    [SOLVED] Velocity of ring, disk, and sphere down incline?

    In an upcoming physics test, one of the problems is to find the velocity of a ring, disk, and sphere of unknown masses and radii down an incline of unknown length and angle. The specific instruction is to find what coefficient of gh under a radical equals the velocity of each, or V = sqrt(_gh)...