1. topsquark

    Common Misconceptions in Physics III

    Let's get a fresh start here. This is a place to discuss various subtleties in Physics that may be common or generally accepted but turn out to be wrong. -Dan
  2. M

    III Newton it is absurd !!!

    WE ARE INSIDE BUS AND WE SPEAK p1..p2...p3...me ...................>>>>>BUS's MOTION p1...p2...p3...You YOU NEVER SEE MY FREASH ACTUAL POSITION IN UNIVERSE we have Earth and two mass m m --->V . . . . Earth . . . . m<---V Earth and mass...
  3. M

    III newton ball shape and cubic shape !?

    We have a two masses m one m is big and one m is small ( 1kg steel and 1kg wood ) two mass have different size ***************************************************** James Clerk Maxwell, in 1861–64, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation, which shows that...
  4. M

    Reaction forces in BULB ( III Newton problem ))

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data In space we have bulb and two satellites. ( zero friction condition ) Satellites have got mass m and they are using the same (twin) sail Single Satellite mass m (picture below) Problem satellite-------L----------Bulb...