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    Can Helium 3 & 4 really be frozen?

    I am slightly confused as usual, and seeking clarification? Phase diagrams show Helium reaching absolute zero. Since absolute zero can not be attained are these phase diagrams derived on actual measurements or are they purely theoretical. Or am I missing something ref zero point energy of the...
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    Guitarist and trumpeter try to play together in a room filled with helium?

    Hello, How can I answer this question? How does the musical experience of a guitarist and trumpeter try to play together in a room filled with helium?
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    Super tricky thing i cant solve please help me!

    PLEASE HELP SOLVE THIS CRAZY RIDDLE. See picture attached.
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    rate of hydrogen change into helium

    i cant understand the solution provided. from the ans given, does the author mean (there are 4 hydrogen atoms) , each one will contribute to E (which is 3.82x10^26 W) In my opinion , E (which is 3.82x10^26 W) should be contributed equally by 4 hydrogen atom ... so for me , each hydrogen atom...
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    Helium and resonance frequencies

    Hello humans, I want to understand what it is that happens when it seems like a person gets a high-pitched voice after inhaling helium. So far, I've dug up that it isn't actually an effect on the vocal folds themselves but rather an effect on the speed of sound travelling through the vocal...
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    Thermo helium gas in piston

    49g of helm gassy poo are placed in a cube cont with a not moeasdf pis
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    helium inflated balloons

    Hi, I am an Industrial design student and I am participating in a project that involves flying helium inflated balloons to a height of up to 50 meters, in order to gather people and attract crowds. I have a few aerodynamics related questions and i'll be happy if any of you guys can help: 1...
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    Atoms in a balloon of helium

    Helium is used to fill a balloon of diameter 56 cm at 26◦C and 1.9 atm. The mass of a helium atom is 4.0026 u, the conversion factor from u to kg is 1.66 × 10−27 kg/u, the conversion factor from atm to Pa is 1.013 × 105 Pa/atm, the universal gas constant 8.31451 J/Kmol, the Boltzmann’s constant...
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    Mercury and Helium Wavelengths Spectra

    Can someone please post the wavelengths of Mercury and Helium for the colors purple, green, and orange? I need them to check for relative error for a lab and we were not given the accepted values.
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    helium BALLOON

    A balloon filled with helium gas will float in air if released. This shows that A. the temperature of air is lower than the temp of helium gas B. the pressure of air is lower than the pressure of helium gas C. the weight if air being displaced by the balloon is greater than the weight of...