1. avito009

    Why is mass uncertain in case of Heisenberg Principle?

    I read that for Higgs Boson Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies. But why is mass uncertain in case of short lived unstable particle? That being said the momentum is uncertain which tells us that the position is known. Is the position known by measuring the Higgs Bump? Is the velocity also...
  2. K

    Heisenberg Uncertainty

    Write down the time-energy form of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. In an experiment, a gas of atoms in an excited state emits light at a spectral line of 550 nm as the atoms decay back to the ground state. The intensity I of the emitted light is observed to decrease with time t, with I(t)...
  3. K

    Does Heisenberg violate energy conservation?

    Does the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle require temporary violations of the law of conservation of Energy? I find on Google that many seemingly scholarly sites claim that such violation truly happens. But then I found the following link...
  4. O

    Question About Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

    a) (5pts) Consider a one-dimensional square well with infinitely high potential barriers at x = ±2 × 10−15m as shown in figure a. For a proton in this well use the Hiesenberg Uncertainty Principle to derive the minimum uncertainty in the momentum and then use this to obtain an estimate of the...
  5. S

    Simple question about problem about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

    For the attached problem, shouldn't Δx ~ λ/sinθ be Δx ~ λ/sinθ - -λ/sinθ = 2λ/sinθ instead such that the final answer is Δx Δp_x ~ 8πħ? The problem (along with its solution) is attached.
  6. W

    The implications of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

    I've been thinking about the uncertainty principle and I'm wondering if the following situations are settled: 1) Say you have a molecule and an atom from within this molecule goes off somewheres else in our universe. Does this mean that the chemical bond is broken? 2) How far out can...
  7. C

    Design an expiriement/lab/activity related to Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

    Design an expiriement/lab/activity related to Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle It doesn't have to be complex or anything, just something at least related to the HUP. I cant think of anything, my understanding is that this principle only really applies at the quantum level. Any help...