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    Stationary vertical cylinder with heavy piston

    Hi, I'm just starting to learn thermodynamics and I'm completely stuck with a problem: A stationary vertical cylinder, closed at the top, contains a gas whose volume may be changed with the aid of a heavy, frictionless piston of weight w. a) How much work is done by the external force in...
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    How heavy is 1kg steel and 1kg wood

    **************EM radiation Is Pushing objects *************** James Clerk Maxwell, in 1861–64, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation, which shows that light has momentum and thus can exert pressure on objects. Maxwell's equations provide the theoretical foundation for...
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    Calculating energy released due to fission of heavy nucleus into equal nuclei

    1.*The problem*statement, all variables and given/known data There is this university exam question:Draw the nuclear binding energy curve and and show that energy is released when a heavy nucleus of*A> 200breaks up into two nearly equal fragments. 2. Relevant equations See below. 3. The...