heat exchanger

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    heat exchange between a tube and a box

    The problem is very easy but i cannot figure it out. I have a tube of L length, Dext and Dint. The tube is in a box of x,y,z dimensions. The box has a constant temperature of 37°C and it is full of water. The tube is inside the box and in the tube there is a flow of water. The Tin of the tube...
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    Stanton number

    Hi, i'm currently trying to size a heat exchanger and have been using Kays and London as a reference book. i have come across a calculation for the heat transfer coefficient: h = StGCp where St = the Stanton number, G = mass velocity and Cp = specific heat. In the text book it...
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    Heat Exchanger Design Problem

    Hi Guys, I'm an undergrad student undertaking an internship at the moment, and have been given the task of coming up with a way to cool down some fluid. Basically, I need to cool down a flow of 220L/min fluid from 45 to 38 deg C. Its thin black and a bit caustic with a PH of around 8, and...