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    Trying to get my head around the Lagrangian

    In the calculus of variation they set up the problem as action S where and In the case of finding the shortest distance between two points this makes sense but in the case of finding the path of least time as in a roller coaster shaped like a e Brachistochrone I am not getting why...
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    Head Loss in Pipe Network

    Consider an overhead tank with a constant head (some mechanism maintains the constant head) kept at a height H from a reference line. Through a vertical pipe the fluid is brought down to the reference line and ejected into a glass tank as a horizontal jet. I need to find the Height H...
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    Minor head loss

    Hi, We have done an experiment and measured different pressures in a system, and are required to calculate the minor head loss coefficient K for our working sections. The experiment layout can be seen here: For the gradual working section at the entrance (LHS, where the pipe is...
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    Major head loss

    i am having problem of finding the major loss caused by pipe friction in this question. the formula of major loss is given by fL(V^2) / 2gD , how to get the total length of pipe so that i can gt the major head loss? http://i.imgur.com/D5g4tWy.png
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    Calculate head loss per meter clarification

    Calculate the head loss per metre length of a capillary tube which has a bore radius of 0.45 mm when a fluid of density 850 kg/m3 and viscosity of 25 cP is flowing at a rate of 50 l/hr. State whether the flow is turbulent or laminar. I have attached my attempt at a solution using...
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    head loss at venturi meter

    A venturi meter is being calibrated horizontally and has a diameter of 75mm at the entrance and 50mm at the throat . The flow rate is obtained by measuring the time required to collect certain amount of water . The average number of measurement gives 0.614m^3 of water in 55.82 second . If...
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    Problem that I cannot wrap my head around

    I have received a problem in thermo II and cannot seem to understand how to get my enthalpy. The question is, a vessel having a volume of 0.0011m^2 is filled with saturated steam at a pressure of 95KPa. Determine the amount of heat that must be removed in order to cool the steam to a...
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    head loss

    what does the gamma in the formula mean ? since the other terms in the formula are the same , i can just cancel it, leaving μ / γ = v /g . So , γ has unit of kg(m^-2)(s^-2) ?
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    head loss

    can anyone explain what does the statement ' The head loss represents the additional heights that the fluid needs to be raised by a pump in order to overcome the frictional losses in pipe ' on the right of the notes ?
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    Fluid Head

    Dear All. First of all good evening , happy new year . I have an issue related mainly to the fluid dynamic. The attached file explains in details the issue . I hope I can get a help or a hint regarding the presented issue.
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    Fluid Head

    Dear . First of all good afternoon . I have an issue related mainly to the fluid dynamic. The attached file explains in details the issue . I hope I can get a help or a hint regarding the presented issue.
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    Question about pressure, head

    I'm trying to get a better understanding of this. Say I have a sealed container, half full of fluid. A fluid line at the top penetrates the container down to the bottom, so that the lower end is submerged in liquid, while the upper end of the line extends a foot or more above the container. Now...
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    Free fall that landed on a head!

    Hi, I am not a physicist, just a civilian here! My well-driller husband had a piece of steel land on his head. It fell 45 feet, minus his height of 6 feet so 39 feet, and weighed 7 pounds. He lived. He has a concussion but not a bad one. We were wondering if someone could help us understand the...
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    Head Loss in a Tank Problem

    I'm currently having trouble with a problem in my fluids class and it pertains to head loss in a humidifier "Water collects in a tank and when full the weight of the water shuts the unit off. Optionally the tank can be connected to some sort of drain to avoid the repeated task of emptying...
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    Pressurize another's head???

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but here is a "hypothetical" question: How on earth can one person raise the pressure in another's head producing faint high frequency sounds? There would be some type of "buzzing" sound above the unsuspecting individual (charging the body???) and a very...
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    Fluid mechanics-Determination of head loss

    I need to determine the head loss of water that is pumped through a rectangular channel that is about 6 feet long, 2.5 in high and 3 in wide. For the sake of the experiment the turbulent water entering the channel needs to be changed into fully developed flow. To be able to accomplish this, my...