1. GatheringKnowledge

    Gravitational Expulsion Of Plasma - Antigravity?

    Hello once again! As you probably noticed already, I'm rather a sceptic when it comes to Special Relativity. Luckily, General Relativity seems to be slightly more reasonable to me. In the difference to relative velocity, rest mass is a definitive property of an object - so the idea, that time...
  2. A


    Moon mass is 81 times smaller than Earth's mass. The distance between the center of the two planets is 60 times the radius of the earth. Q: At what point on the straight line connecting the two planets is the gravitational force between the moon and the earth equal?
  3. P

    Alternate theory of gravity

    This has been on my mind lately, and i have seen this theory before on a few articles. Is gravity actually everything expanding? Ive pondered many thought experiments and it seems that viewing gravity this way works out just as well if not better than the current accepted model of gravity...
  4. E

    Measuring center of gravity on a horizontal plane

    So I'm trying to find a way to the x, y, and z coordinates of the center of gravity for a rectangular box all at once. That is, I can't take the time to rotate it to three orientations and measure the CG on each side that'd be facing downward for each orientation. The box doesn't have mass...
  5. F

    Basic Physic Problem -Accelaration due to Gravity

    A baseball is thrown straight up with a speed of 13.2 m/s. How fast is the baseball after 2.00 sec? In which direction is the ball traveling at this point?
  6. V

    1D Kinematics

    Motion An object falls a distance h from rest. If it travels half the height h in the last 1.00 s, find: (a) the time (b) the height h of its fall. (c) Explain the physically unacceptable solution of the quadratic equation in t that you obtain. I am trying to use the: {y=y(initial) +...
  7. avito009

    Gravity explained in general relativity by me.

    The logic behind general relativity is more simpler than you think it is. When you throw an object in air vertically the object falls down and the path if you observe is a straight line and there is no force needed in order to travel at constant acceleration which is 9.8 m/s^2 in a straight...
  8. Y

    Vortex potential flow with gravity

    Hello everybody, I am studying the potential flow of a vortex and I have a question. Would be really nice if somebody could help out. Conceptually the vortex stream function is constant in z so the streamlines are perfect circles. I am not sure how to add gravity to this description. I...
  9. S

    Knowledge of Everything

    Hi Guys, I wrote research (actually just a bit completed it, since it is based on enormous previous scientific research) which I call 'Knowledge of Everything', what means that it represents complete basic physical knowledge about the Universe, which was just released to public several days...
  10. W


    If there is only one mass in the universe, a sphere with mass of 100 kg with a radius of 1 meter, what is the pulling force of gravity emanating from the sphere at 100 meters form the center of the sphere?
  11. K

    Two photons and gravity

    If there were a universe containing only 2 photons would they attract each other (forgetting for the moment if such a scenario is even possible). That is would they exert a gravitational pull on each other. Or do they simply follow the pre-existing gravitational fields in the space-time...
  12. avito009

    Acceleration and Gravity.

    If a person is in an elevator that is going down then this person will feel weightless as though there is no gravity at all. This would be similar to a person in space he would also feel weightless as there is no gravity in space. But if a spaceship moves out of our atmosphere and the spaceship...
  13. W

    BlackHole-gravity or temperature

    Supposedly the gravitational pull of Black holes is so intense that not ever light can escape. Isn't this nonsense? The temperature of a BH is near absolute zero. At Zero there is no light being created or attempting to escape. So the blackness of a BH is due to temperature not gravity, correct?
  14. S

    Process linked to gravity affecting mass-energy

    Please, better see v2 pdf file attached to message posted june 20 ABSTRACT The proposal assumes that the distortion of space-time due to relative velocity (Special Relativity), and the distortion of space-time produced by gravitational fields (General Relativity) are linked to changes of state...
  15. R

    Finding centre of gravity using moments

    Can someone please answer Question 13, i do not understand how to approach it.
  16. V

    Tell me flaw in this design

    This machine is based on gravity power and seesaw system. We can make it more simple . As per sketch there will be two seesaw system and both will be attached with a stand.This stand will work to hold the seesaw.There will a middle track(MIDDLE TRACK SEESAW) which will work a pathway to...
  17. C

    Fluid to increase force under same gravity and mass

    if a beaker was filled with 200 cc of water and we tethered a ping pong ball to it's floor and that ping pong ball size is 10 cc . Q1: what will be the weight of the beaker at that time ? (ignore the empty weight, ball and thread) A1 : 200 grams Q2: what will be the weight of the beaker...
  18. A

    Particle accleration under gravity waves?

    I have been through following papers for research: 1) 2) Conclusion of the second paper given above...
  19. H

    The proof that the absolute reference frame does exist.

    Let’s think about a logical example: When somebody ask you how many people (whom you know) love you, you will easily be confused. But if you were asked how many of them you love, it will be much easier for you to answer. This example implies a physical aspect: we can not count how many...