1. B

    Definition of Gravitational Potential Energy

    Can anyone explain to me the definition of gravitational potential energy? I mean, i understand that it is 'the total work done in bringing a mass from infinity to the point' for any mass at a point, but it just seems too vague. For instance, why is it zero at infinity and negative nearer to the...
  2. P

    Gravitational constant visualized

    Ive recently learned about the gravitational constant. Although i am having a hard time visualizing what this actually means. I have always been stubborn in the fact that i cant just accept and idea or theory without really digging deep and understanding it on a fundamental level. I understand...
  3. A

    Gravitational and Electric fields

    Question. The sun exerts a gravitational force of 1.64 x 10^21 N on Mars. Calculate the mass of Mars. [ Mass of the Sun = 1.989 x 10^30 kg. Mean seperation of Mars from the Sun = 2.279 x 10^11 m.] Can anyone help me with this?
  4. O

    Density waves in gravitational interacting particles

    My question is about system of infinite number of point like particles with gravitation interaction (classic newtonian interactions). I am interested in propagation of density waves in infinite system which can be considered to be in equilibrium, uniform density, 3D, with emphasis on much larger...
  5. N

    Gravitational Physics

    Hello, I wrote this essay for a competition and I'd like some feed back. It has to do with the Large Number Hypothesis, namely I've defined the electron mass in relation to the Hubble parameter and other fundamental constants...
  6. L

    Gravitational Physics

    Is gravitational physics and GR for totally real, for sure or not??? § 24. Gravitation Newton's gravity equation is represented as F = (G m1 m2)/r2...
  7. P

    The speed of gravitational waves Gravity waves and light move at the same rate, experiment now shows
  8. C

    Computing Gravitational Potential Energy

    I am taking a physics class for non-physics majors. Q: As water descends from the top of a tall hydroelectric dam, its gravitational potential energy is converted to electric energy. How much gravitational potential energy is released when 900 kg of water descends 220 m to the generators...
  9. G

    Gravitational potential energy

    hi, everyone, i have no idea with question number 10, anyone have idea about this? Sent from my Lenovo A5000 using Tapatalk
  10. G

    Gravitational field (variation of g with latitude)

    Anyone know why should the mg' does not directed downward straight(90°) but slanted to the left side which merely same with mg? Sent from my Lenovo A5000 using Tapatalk
  11. avito009

    Time and gravitational field.

    We all know that if there is a mountain, at the base of this mountain time will move slowly than at the peak of this mountain. So this gravity that causes time to move slowly is infinite in a black hole. So time stops at the black hole. Since a lot more gravity means slower time passes by...
  12. C

    Gravitational Potential Energy

    I am having a little trouble visualizing what the gravitational potential looks like for a uniform gravitational potential field in a graph against distance. I have attached the question below and completed the first graph but I'm not sure how to proceed with the second graph. Any help...
  13. O

    What are gravitational waves made of?

    I would like to know on what gravitational waves are made of, since it can pass through matter, does gravitational waves have any physically property in matter? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any suggestions What are gravitational waves...
  14. H

    How can the magnitude of the gravitational forces of the earth and moon be equal?

    I know the equation for the force of gravity = GMm/(r^2). However, when I set mg = GMm/(r^2) and Mg = GMm/(r^2), I feel that there is an error in the logic. For instance, say that the force of gravity is = 10000N and if we set mg = 10000( the different mass and gravity for the moon) and if we...
  15. J

    Gravitational Acceleration to a body offset from a tilted axis

    I was trying to figure out the acceleration to a body on a tilted axis. Is it the same as if the body were on a hill? or would it be more like a free object have to rotate, so the inertia would just be mv? Assuming a short time interval, so the change in direction due to reaching the end of...
  16. P

    Gravitational field

    Why is acceleration due to garvity at the poles greater than at the equator? And also what are conservative and non conservative fields? And can someone please explain STOKES LAW
  17. R

    Gravitational Potential energy of a system of particles

    What is the gravitational potential energy of a system of 8 masses of 10 kg each placed at the corners of a cube of length 0.25 meter apart.
  18. J

    calculus of gravitational force

    Good morning, in cases where it is not possible to neglect the extension of an irregularly shaped body as we can calculate the gravitational force exerted on the earth of it? Of course the body will be large enough that it can not consider the local Earth's field as a field of parallel forces...
  19. muon321

    Gravitational acceleration question!

    So, if acceleration under a gravitational field is independent of the mass of the object, so relativistic inertia wouldn't matter, if I dropped a ball over a hyper massive star say, what would stop if from acceleration over light speed?