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    Calculating wavelength of a 2D grating (different distances between slits)

    For my report I need a formula to calculate the wavelength with a multiple slit experiment. I have found: d sin(\theta) = m \lambda. However, for the experiment a two dimensional grating is used. The distance between the vertical slits are not the same as the distance between the horizontal...
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    Diffraction Grating

    Does anyone know the explanation of this question?
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    Diffraction grating

    I came across this question: A pupil suggests that a more accurate value for the wavelength of the laser light can be found if a grating with a slit separation of 2x10^-6m is used (it was formerly 5x10^-6m). Explain why this suggestion is correct. I kind of understand but don't know how to...
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    light wavelength and grating help! GRADE 12 PHYSICS!!!

    light with a wavelength of 520 nm abd 630 nm passes through a diffraction grating that contains 6000 lines/cm. a) sketch a diagram of the image produced from m=0 to m=2, label the order of each fringe b) calculate the angles for the first and second order maxima that would appear on the...
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    Resolving Power of a Grating Spectrometer

    Hello everyone, I need to derive the equation for the resolving power of a transmission grating, yet I do not know where to start. Can someone help me in the process? Many thanks.
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    Diffraction through Grating

    Hi, I performed the diffraction grating experiment in the Physics Lab a few days ago and obtained the folowing measurements. The aim was to find the number of slits on the grating given the wavelength of laser employed. I find the readings coherent among themeselves but incoherent as a whole...
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    Colours in a bubble and neon lighgt through defraction grating

    1. Colours can be seen moving around in a blown soap bubble. Explain how these are formed and why they move. 2. Viewing a neon advertising sign through a diffraction grating one sees specific lines of different colours. Give an explanation of how these lines are formed. c= 3x10^8 ms...
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    Helium-Neon Laser / diffraction grating / - two questions!!!!

    Hello, I have managed to get through a whole pile of questions, but I’m stuck with the last two. I would very much appreciate step by step solutions to these problems (a number of parts to each question...); I've scanned them and uploaded them to See link below. I've also attached...
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    diffraction grating

    light waves projected through diffraction grating produce an interference pattern. what colours are between the bands of interference?
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    Diffraction Grating (HELP PLEASE)

    Need help and explanation on how to find the "order of fringe" (n) and "distance from central bright fringe to nth fringe" (x).
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    Deffraction Grating appilcation.