1. T

    Quantum tunneling and corresponding transmission graph

    Hi! I am having trouble with understanding how you are supposed to draw corresponding T(E) graphs for V(x) step barrier diagrams, and have a problem which I would appreciated help with to try to understand how you are supposed to solve these exercises. An even flux of particles is incident...
  2. S

    What is the true way to determine time parameters from semilog graph?

    Hi all, I have experimental nuclear magnetic resonance data that describe T2-relaxation of the nuclei in the sample of interest. The experimental points obey bi-exponential dependence: I = I1*exp(-t/T2_1) + I2*exp(-t/T2_2), where I is current intensity, I1 and I2 are intensities which represent...
  3. D

    Adiabatic intersection with graph

    I found the graph above of an ideal gas's transformation in a book, and it says that between 1-2 the heat (Q) is positive and at point 2 it is 0, which I understand because it's an adiabatic intersecting that and after that it becomes negative. Why is it first bigger than 0 and then smaller?
  4. H

    What is the current based on the graph?

    The graph is current produced when the certain light bulb connected to voltage. When V = 12Volt, current = 3.5 A So the R for light bulb = 3.5 ohm Now, that certain light bulb connected to 5ohm resistor and voltage 12 V. I guess that Power consumed by the light bulb is P. P = I^2R = V^2/R =...
  5. W

    Hook's Law Graph Orientation

    Hook's law is commonly represented with F along the vertical Y axis and extension along the horizontal. This is what the text books stipulate, at l;east in the UK. I've seen an Asian video which has it the other way around, but elsewhere it's as stated. Yet this commonly-accepted orientation...
  6. N

    T-x-y and P-x-y graph

    Develop the T-x-y table and diagram at 1 atm and p-x-y table and diagram at the average normal boiling point of the two species for the binary mixture that is assigned to you. Submit laser-print quality tables and diagrams plus one handwritten calculation detail example for each curve. Assume...
  7. C

    Help with a graph problem

    I have a physics exam coming up and in my practice problems there is a problem that I just can't solve sine I was absent from the class it was discussed at. I know it's simple, but I just can't find a way to solve it, I've looked everywhere online! I've inserted a picture of the said...
  8. R

    Velocity time graph

    Really stuck on this... The velocity time graph of a diver who springs off of a board, up to a max height, and then down where he enters the pool and then swims through the water until he pushes off the floor of the swimming pool and then reaches the surface. The bit where he springs off...
  9. K

    How would I draw the corresponding graph?

    May someone kindly help me with this question?
  10. M

    Speed vs. Distance Graph

    Question Summary: How can we find the time from a speed to distance graph (in case of Non-uniform acceleration)? Details: As I understand, equations of kinematics are generally applicable only for uniform acceleration. However, I have a case when I only have speed profile plotted against...
  11. C

    postion vs time graph for moving charged particle?

    Question {Consider the system shown to the right. Particles 1 and 2 are fixed in place while particle three is placed at the location shown and released. Let’s look at the mechanics of q3, which has a mass of 3.00 X 10-5 kg. What will be the net force on q3? What will be q3’s acceleration...
  12. C

    Stress and strain graph

    I was hoping someone could help me with a question that I'm having trouble visualizing. The question is as follows: A certain material has a Young modulus greater than copper and undergoes brittle fracture at a stress of 176 MPa. On Figure 4 draw a line showing the possible variation of...
  13. kacicarlton

    Estimations of Accerleration in bloodflow using a graph. Can't figure it out.

    The Problem: Acceleration in blood flow. The figure shows a pattern of coronary artery blood flow rates (cm/s) in a patient successfully treated for a myocardial infarction (heart attack). The upper and lower peaks represent the diastolic and systolic phases of the heartbeat. Part A...
  14. L

    Geomertical optics- derivation of graph of (u+v) against u

    may i know how to derive the the sha[pe of graph and get the point of min (2f , 4f) ? i really have no idea how to get the shape of the graph and the min point.
  15. E

    Current-Voltage Graph

    Does this graph represent the resistance of metal? But it does not cut (0,0). Please advice In addition, what is the concept of this question?
  16. E

    Current-time graph

    Can any check for me this question Hi there can anyone confirm that the answer is C for the question below? Since Q = It and t>0 so the graph should be the same? Thanks!
  17. R

    The Slope of a Normal Force vs Applied Force Graph

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data An experiment was conducted where a slider with different mass combination is placed on a board. A newton spring scale is attached to the slider and is pulled horizontally and parallel to the board such that the slider moves at a...
  18. B

    Simple Momentum (Force V Time graph)

    Hey guys, this is the last part of my physics HW and it has me a little confused, we have yet to cover FvT graphs or how to draw them, the wording of the question is confusing me a little and the teacher was unavailable to help me (Worried) Well, here it goes. The velocity of a vehicle of mass...
  19. P

    Area under the velocity time graph

    This assingment is due tomorrow I found the area under a irregular shape velocity-time graph. I counted 37 full squares and my area for each square is 1.5 m/s*3s. Hence my displacement is 166.5 m BUT it is noted that the area under the graph is the displacement. I am asked to find the...
  20. D

    drawing a velocity time graph and displacement time graph.

    heres the information given its about someone walking jogging and running. walking 900meters in 10 mins, stopped for 15 mins, walking back to the same spot at 900meters in 10mins, jogs 450meters in 3 mins, then runs 1200meters in 6 mins. this is what I thought a v-t graph would look like...